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The best home remedies for bed wetting

A tender budding coconut is often considered as waste and thrown away. But, very few of us know that it can be used as a very helpful remedy for bed wetting. This problem is usually seen in children. A budding coconut when developing from inflorescence and are approximately 10-15g in size, can be used for this home remedy. The size of such coconuts is almost like a matured areca nut, guava fruit or avocado.

You will surely find a huge number of such budding coconuts in a coconut garden that has fallen at the bottom of the trees. These tender fruit buds of the coconut possess some astringent properties known as Kashaya rasa and a stabilizing agent known as sthirikara bhava. This is the reason; they act so perfectly to treat nocturia or bed wetting.

The ligaments and muscles of the genitalia are strengthened by the small tender coconut. Moreover, the ability of the bladder to restore urine is also increased.

Ingredients to create the home remedy

To make the home remedy mixture, you need three basic items. To prepare the mixture one tender budding coconut, 5 to 10ml of water and honey 1-2 ml. you also need one stone platform and a spoon.

The method

The method of preparing the home remedy mixture is very easy. Firstly, you need to remove the outer hard skin of the coconut bud. The front white colored portion is rubbed well against the stone platform by adding near about 5 to 10ml of water. This way you will be able to obtain near about 1 to 2 teaspoon of fine paste.

The next step is to mix this paste with little honey, say about 1 to 2 ml. The home remedy is now ready to be administered to the kids who are suffering from the problem of bed wetting.  To attain good results, the victim needs to use it two times a day for 15 to 21 days regularly.

Numerous other ways are also there to treat bed wetting. The above mentioned process comes without any side effect. The main basis of treatment, however, lies in repeated counseling. Encouraging the child to empty his bladder before going to bed is another effective way to stop the problem of bed wetting. You can also try to reward him/her by saying some positive words. Try to make your kid practice the habit of delay urination at the day time. This will increase the ability of the bladder to hold back urine.

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