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Health benefits of Til (black sesame seeds)

As per Ayurveda, sesame seeds have enormous medicinal benefits on our health. This is generally known as “Til” in Hindi language. It can be majorly found in two colors, black and white. Black sesame seeds are used to make Ayurveda medicines. Sesame seeds are very rich with oils. Indian sesame looks like pale yellow. “Meetha Tail” is the Hindi name of sesame oil. This oil can cure many types of ache problems like arthritis, pain, inflammation etc. In English, it’s very popularly known as gingelly sesame.

Access the benefits

Here are some of the best health benefits of sesame seeds, leaves, roots and oil discussed below-

  • Black sesame is good for eye care. Collect dew drops from sesame fruit in winter morning in a small bottle of glass. If you apply these drops in your eyes, it can increase the power of your eyes.
  • It is very beneficial for the treatment of cough. Prepare a mixture of ginger, 2 gm black sesame, 2-3 tulsi leaves and boil this mixture with water, filter the water and drink hot. It’s the best treatment for dry cough.
  • You can also use black sesame seed if you are suffering from loss of appetite.
  • Black sesame oil is known to be very useful for treating arthritis, pain and protuberance and any other type of body ache.

Apart from these petty issues sesame seeds are known to cure various other problems.

Sesame seeds are great for menstruation- To treat irregular monthly cycle, get ready and utilize decoction of 5 gram of sesame seeds. If you are a sufferer of heavy pain during the days of periods, then begin to utilize this decoction at least 4-5 day before the monthly cycle begins. This is a home remedy for treating irregular monthly cycle in a natural way.

Use sesame seeds for urinary disorder- are you a sufferer of infrequent or too frequent urinary disorders? Prepare a home made medicine by mixing sesame seeds and gokhru (5 gms each) and consume the same. You can also use sesame seed to prepare ladoo using desi ghee and have the same to treat urinary disorder.

Sesame seeds treat arthritis- Sesame seeds are very useful for arthritis treatment. To treat the same you need to prepare a powder by mixing equal measures of turmeric, dried ginger, fenugreek, sesame seeds and ashwagandha. Use this home made powder regularly with lukewarm water or milk to treat arthritis organically.

Apart from being used for such treatments, sesame oil is great for your skin. You can also use oil made of black sesame seeds for your hair. It is also great for treating kidney stone problem, teeth problem, for gaining athletic muscles and to cure pain. So, now that you are well aware of the huge advantages offered by sesame seeds, determine the reason and start using the same to get rid of several serious problems. Nothing can be safer than getting herbal remedies at your home.

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I take ashwagandha 1 teaspoon and black til 1 teaspoon as well as 1 tablespoon cow ghee…mix these three ingredients and take with one glass milk…so ths is usefull to height increse or any disadvantages of ths?

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