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Home remedies for minor burns

In our everyday life, we often suffer from burning and blisters. Burns has been classified into three categories depending upon the amount of damage caused by them. They are first degree burns, second degree burns and third degree burns. A first degree is the least dangerous and the third degree being the most.  Sun burns and minor burns fall under first degree.

You would be glad to read that there are a number of excellent home remedies for minor burns. Some of them are mentioned below- have a look!

  • Milk: It is a great option to cure minor burns.  Submerge the affected area in milk or you can also apply clean cotton dipped in milk over the burned area to get relief from the irritation and pain caused from burning.
  • Yogurt: You would be glad to know that minor burns can be magically healed by using yogurt. Apply a tbsp of yogurt on the affected area and leave it for some time. Later wash it off and then apply another coating.minor burn
  • Honey: Just like water, honey is one of the best treatments for curing minor burns. Honey magically extracts pus from affected cells and cleans wounds in an easy way. If honey sticks, it’s better to apply it on a gauge bandage. Apply tsp of honey on gauge and tie it over the affected area.
  • Tea bags: Since tea is loaded with Tannic acid, it is wonderful to treat minor burns with it. Black tea has got the highest amount of tannic acid. Soak them in a glass of cold water and once their juice is extracted, apply it directly over the affected area.
  • Lavender oil: It has got amazing anti-inflammatory properties which not just put a halt on damage but also helps in healing the scars in an effective way. It can be applied as many times in a day.
Home Remedies

Home remedies for Cold

Common cold is a problem which can affect you not only during winter, but at any time of the year. It can be very irritating and draining. There are around 200 different viruses that can cause cold.

Cold can even be caused due to person to person contact in the form of coughing, sneezing or handshakes. Stress and allergy can also cause  cold.

In many cases,  antihistamines and decongestants can provide instant relief. Home remedies for cold are very popular as they are easily available and reliable and time tested. Some people avoid taking medicines in the cold and for them home remedies are like blessings.

Below are few home remedies/herbs to treat common cold.


It is a very powerful antioxidant and very effective during the common cold. Crush some cloves of garlic and wrap it in clean cotton and place in the ear to ease the pain caused due to congestion because of the cold.

For cold, crush 4-5 cloves of garlic and crush and sauté in some ghee; consume this to ease the cold. You can also make a juice of garlic, two tomatoes and lemon to make an antiviral drink. Also, you can make a soup out of  by adding some rock salt.This is useful in common cold.

home remedies for cold


It is rich in volatile oils and curcumin. It has a healing effect and a therapeutic action when consumed during cold and cough. If you feel a scratchy sensation in your throat, it is an indication of sore throat and cough. Drink hot milk with turmeric.

Also turmeric can be mixed with tea to ease cold. Boil 2 cups of water and add ½ tbsp. turmeric, keep this for 10 minutes. Strain using a strainer and mix with honey and lemon. Drink this to feel better during cold.


Drink lots of fluids to ease the congestion. Drink juice or water to prevent dehydration, this keeps the throat moist. Drink 8-10 glasses each day. Chicken soup can also be of great help. Limit coffee, cola and caffeine as this can dehydrate you.

home remedies for cold


Inhale lots of steam to ease your drippy nose and congestion. Boil water and put it in a pot, breathe the steam through your nose. Even hot shower or saline nasal spray can help in common cold.

Take Rest:

Take lots of rest and sleep properly, stay warm. This will improve your immune and help you battle cold.

Nasal Sprays and drops:

These can be bought from the local chemist’s shop and be used to relieve cold. They help in getting a temporary relief, but can make the initial symptoms worse if taken continuously.

home remedies for cold

Salt Water:

Add ¼ tbsp of salt in warm water and gargle to relieve a sore throat.

Neti Pot:

This can be used with children above 3-4 years of age. It is a metallic or ceramic tea-pot; this is filled with saline solution and then used to wash your nose. This liquid poured from one nostril should come out from the other nostril.

Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Sunstroke

The human body has its own mechanism to control body temperature. But when this process falls short, an imbalance in the body appears in the form of sunstroke.

Sunstroke is known by many names as ‘thermic fever’, ‘heatstroke’ or ‘siriasis’. All the synonyms indicate one common thing, i.e. ‘Serious medical emergency.’ Basically heatstroke is characterized by fits and state of unconsciousness. Sometimes it is life-threatening also.


Sudden indications of having heatstroke are Dizziness, dry skin, high degree Fever (above Celsius), flawlessness, low sweating, headache, fast inhalation, vomiting, pain in muscles etc.

Common Causes

Generally people with following states are prone to it. These are -:

  • Excessive Alcohol consumption.
  • Heart disease.
  • High Sugar level (Diabetes).
  • Use of Drugs (for example Cocaine).
  • Skin problems.
  • Clothing so heavily.

home remedies for sunstroke

Home Remedies to Cure

Nature has unfolded many things in its lap. It is the ‘Best Cure’ for every disease or problem. Likewise, for sunstroke, it has many solutions or curing tools. They are-:

Paste of Onion-: Onion is the best weapon to fight against sunstroke. It has wonderful heat absorbing tendency. Make a thick paste of onion and apply on the patient’s forehead. You can also keep a white onion in your pouch while going out in the heat.

Dried Fenugreek leaves (Methi)-: Dried leaves of Fenugreek have the Magical touch to cure sunstroke. Take some leaves of fenugreek and soak them in water. After sometime, crush the leaves, add a little honey to the crush and filter. Give this blend to the patient once in every two hours. It will show a healing effect very soon.

Buttermilk-: Take two to three glasses of buttermilk to avoid sunstroke. It works effectively. Yoghurt along with water can also be taken as an alternative. It plays a vital role in keeping body temperature under control.

Unripe green Mangoes-: Green mangoes are best in treating sunstroke. Boil some mangoes and filter it. Then, add sugar, black salt, roasted cumin and pepper to it. Have a glass of this shake (Aampanna). It works soothingly.

Twist of Tamarind-: Crush some tamarind seeds with water and sieve the juice. Add sugar to the fusion. This drink, acts as a good guard against heat stroke.

Preventionary Guidelines

In sunstroke, as the temperature goes down, water from the whole body starts evaporating in form of sweat. Finally, the cells start drying up rapidly. It can be prevented by-:

Wood apple juice (Bilwa)-: The juice of Bilwa fibers and sugar in summer acts as a good heat absorbing agent. So, must have it in summer.

Plenty of Water-: Drink plenty of fresh water. It prevents the body from sudden dehydration and maintains body homeostasis.

home remedies for sunstroke

Sunstroke can be avoided by adding green vegetables and fresh juicy fruits in your diet, during summers. Eat mango, watermelon, orange, cucumber etc. Also follow some instructions as below.

  • Wearing light- colored clothes that reflect more heat.
  • Try to avoid outdoor activities during day time in hot summers.
  • Try to avoid coffee and alcohols.
Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Nose Bleeding

The nose is an important and fragile organ of the human body. Any facial ordeal may lead to nose bleeding. Repeated nose bleeding is harmful and should be given immediate attention.

Many a times it is seen that patients with high blood pressure are much prone to it. Few of the other reasons which cause nose bleeding are as follows.


  • Inhaling dry air may rupture the nasal septum.
  • Intake of excessive narcotics.
  • In summers, extreme heat is the culprit causing nose bleeding.
  • Hypertension and deficiency of Vitamins.
  • Excessive smoking.
  • Intake of alcoholic drinks.
  • High Blood pressure.

Home Remedies for Nose Bleeding

Epistaxis or nose bleed may be cured by following some simple remedial steps at home as follows:

  • Use of Basil leaves-: Basil is considered as ‘Holy’ among the Hindus. The juice obtained after rubbing the leaves can be poured into the nostrils to check bleeding.
  • Cold water Bandage-: A cold and icy water bandage on the forehead can give relief up to a great extent.
  • Onion Juice-: Apply the juice of onion in the nasal chambers.
  • Coriander leaves Paste-: Paste of fresh coriander leaves (commonly called Dhaniya Patti) can be applied to the brow. Also the lovely smell of the herb can be effective too.
  • The Juicy Coconut-: Daily intake of coconut early morning being empty stomach may lessen the chances of nose bleeding.
  • Sap of Grapes-: The sap of grapes when taken with honey is effectual for curing Epistaxis.
  • Pine bark Extract-: Extort of pine bark has bioflavonoids, which help in healing blood capillaries in the nasal region.
  • White Vinegar-: Soak a cotton ball or cloth in white vinegar and apply it to the effected nose. It seals the vessel.

Home Remedies for Nose Bleeding

Prevention and Preclusion

After going through the ‘Natural curative therapies’, the prevention should also taken into notice. Few are as follows-

  • Gulkand or rose petal jam is a delicious Indian delicacy. It is an Ayurvedic medicine also. To avoid a bloody nose, take one teaspoonful of Gulkand every day.
  • Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is very rich in Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron. The murabba or juice of amla prepared at home can be taken daily morning with water to make way from nose bleeding.
  • Drinking sufficient water daily will lead to a healthy nose.
  • Bread prepared from whole wheat or the ‘Brown bread’ or ‘Brown rice’ has ample of Zinc nutrient in it. Zinc helps in maintaining the body’s blood-vessels.
  • Dark green leafy vegetables must be taken in the diet.

The nose is the crucial ‘breathing organ’. If due to any reason it will not function properly, ultimately the whole body will suffer. So, it’s necessary to take precautionary measures to never face Epistaxis. Eating spicy food should be controlled. After following the old Grandmother’s tips also if the problem is getting serious, a Doctor’s advice is the best.

So, visit your doctor!