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Home remedies for minor burns

In our everyday life, we often suffer from burning and blisters. Burns has been classified into three categories depending upon the amount of damage caused by them. They are first degree burns, second degree burns and third degree burns. A first degree is the least dangerous and the third degree being the most.  Sun burns and minor burns fall under first degree.

You would be glad to read that there are a number of excellent home remedies for minor burns. Some of them are mentioned below- have a look!

  • Milk: It is a great option to cure minor burns.  Submerge the affected area in milk or you can also apply clean cotton dipped in milk over the burned area to get relief from the irritation and pain caused from burning.
  • Yogurt: You would be glad to know that minor burns can be magically healed by using yogurt. Apply a tbsp of yogurt on the affected area and leave it for some time. Later wash it off and then apply another coating.minor burn
  • Honey: Just like water, honey is one of the best treatments for curing minor burns. Honey magically extracts pus from affected cells and cleans wounds in an easy way. If honey sticks, it’s better to apply it on a gauge bandage. Apply tsp of honey on gauge and tie it over the affected area.
  • Tea bags: Since tea is loaded with Tannic acid, it is wonderful to treat minor burns with it. Black tea has got the highest amount of tannic acid. Soak them in a glass of cold water and once their juice is extracted, apply it directly over the affected area.
  • Lavender oil: It has got amazing anti-inflammatory properties which not just put a halt on damage but also helps in healing the scars in an effective way. It can be applied as many times in a day.

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