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Natural Home Remedies for Toe Nail Fungus

Onychomycosis is the medical term of toe nail fungus which affects our toe nails. The nail bed i.e. the surface under the toe nail is the actual place for attack of these fungi. Yeasts, nondermatophytes and dermatophytes fungi usually cause this kind of toe nail infections. Dark and damp places line swimming pool, locker room, showers are the main places for the birth and growth of these parasites.

People like diabetic patients, having lower immunity power and circulatory malfunctions usually infected by such fungi attack. There are number of medicines like terbinafine, fluconazole for it’s remedy but they make your stomach suffer so much. But there are also natural ways which can be the best solutions for nail fungus attack. So, why take drugs? Where these home remedy methods are at your hand.

Some home remedy tips for nail fungus infection

The following points make you cure from toe fungi attack, but have almost no side effect.

  • Tea tree oil treatment – the antiseptic nature of tea tree oil is good for this fungal treatment. Mix olive oil with raw undiluted tea tree oil and apply on the affected area. This mixture must remain on that area for at least 15 minutes. After that, take a toothbrush and gently scrub that nail.
  • Treating your nail with Listerine mouthwash – This powerful antiseptic liquid contains salicylate, euchalyptol like anti-fungal ingredients. Mix this liquid with natural acids like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and apply on the affected nail. Dip the nail in this liquid mixture for at least 20 minutes. This is a very much better treatment of fungus affected nail than any other.
  • Treatment using apple cider vinegar and warm water – Dip your affected toe in the mixture of apple cider vinegar and warm water for at least 15 minutes and then dry it with hairdryer.
  • Prepare a scrub using coarse ground rice flour and some teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. This mixture acts as a powerful exfoliating scrub. You should apply this solution at the infected area and it’s surrounding. After some time scrub that area with cotton.
  • Lavender oil and tea tree oil mixture – You can mix the lavender oil with tea tree oil as a solution. Use a cotton ball and apply the mixture twice or thrice in a day on the affected spot. If you can bind the body heat within that area by wearing a woolen shock then it will quicken the healing of this infection. Two drops of oregano mixed with a table spoon of olive oil is a good solution for this infection.
  • By rubbing alcohol in the affected feet for 20 minutes and then thoroughly drying it will cause your fungus infection cure very soon.
  • 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and equal amount of water mixture is a good solution to heal the nail infection.
  • Apply paste of turmeric powder and water on the affected area and then after drying it is one of the best solution at your hand.
  • Whenever you come back from swimming pool or shower room each time you try to wash your feet properly and dry it to avoid further attack of fungi.

From the above few tips you can choose any one you are comfortable to arrange for the quick and permanent solution of nail fungal infection.

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