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Health benefits of Fitkari (Alum)

Fitkari has much usefulness in our day to day life health issues. Fitkari is the local Indian term where its original chemical name is Alum or Potassium Alum or Potassium Aluminum Sulphate having chemical formula KAl(SO4)2. Its a hard crystal compound naturally found, is very beneficial health-care thing as per Ayurveda. Fitkari or Potash alum acts as a all-in-one solution for health related problems in our daily life. You can find it as small pieces in grocery shops at very nominal prices.

Notable uses

Some of the notable usefulness of Fitkari Alum is described below :

  • Its very useful to get relief from teeth pain or gum pain. The powder of Fitkari and Reetha pip mixture, if applied on teeth, can heal your toothache.
  • If we prepare a mixture of fine fitkari powder and fine jambul wood powder and massage our gums and teeth then we can escape from the problem of pyorrhoea.
  • 200gms of fitkari taken and transformed into ash. Take 2gm of this ash, mix with a spoon of honey, extract of radish and carrots and then apply on the affected area of leprosy skin disease.
  • When your eyelids get inflammation trouble then you can cure it by the help of fitkari. A filtered mixture containing 20gm fitkari, 20gm suhaga, 5gm kalmishora, if applied on your eye 2-3 drops regularly, twice a day, can cure the “Aankh ke rohe” problem. You can also heal your fever by taking the mixture of fitkari, dried ginger and batasha.
  • You can control your jaundice by drinking cow milk mixed with small crystals of fitkari, twice or thrice daily.
  • If you get any external injury then the fastest wound healer will be the fitkari. Fill your wound by some fitkari powder and you will get relief very soon. It also prevent the injured area from fungus and bacteria attack. It also prevents various kinds of skin disease problems. Almost all barber shops use fitkari as after shave skin caring agent.
  • Fitkari with haldi(turmeric) and milk will cure your internal wounds too. Boil milk mixing turmeric powder and after the mixture come down at room temperature mix some fitkari with it, which will heal your internal injuries too.
  • In winter season, you can get rid of inflammation in palm and feet, with the help of boiled fitkari. Boil some fitkari crystal with water and wash your hand and feet with this solution.
  • You can get rid of nits and lice of your hair by washing your head with the mixture of water and alum powder.
  • If you are suffering from kidney stone problem, if you feel blockage to pee, then regularly drink alum water mixture which will prevent your kidney from precipitation of stone in it, and also will clear the urination blockage.

Thus, in day to day life, fitkari arise as a god crystal and prevents enormous health issues of human being. We must have some fitkari in our home so that we can take very initial treatment as soon as possible in case of serious or light injuries.

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