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Monsoon Has Come

Monsoon the weather of water and shower, the fresh water drops on the face and all over body is always a treat for the mood. But, this weather is also considered as the weather of diseases. Because of constant humidity in weather and water all around, it is easy to get infected by a lot of factors.

Some of the common factors are:-

  1. Humid weather
  2. Stagnant water.
  3. Wet skin because of rain.
  4. Mosquitoes due to stagnant water.

Diseases like malaria, dengue and diarrhea are common during monsoon. One of the prime reasons for this is stagnant water during monsoon due to constant rain. The most important factor during monsoon to check is to see if there is stagnant water body for example drainage, water cooler, water tank, etc. Try to keep fresh water where it is necessary and always help water to flow during monsoon in drainage.


Practices to be followed during monsoon:-

  1. Keep the skin dry: – Keep all the areas which usually gets wet during monsoon. Areas like, behind knees, between the fingers and feet. Wet skin helps fungal infection to grow and provide them adequate environment for growth of various fungal diseases.
  2. Drink wheat grass juice: – Wheat grass is good for health as it contains a lot of antioxidants that is good for skin and it helps in detoxifying the blood.
  3. Have a lot of water: – It is recommended to drink 8-10 glass of water as it helps in digestion. It also helps in keeping the body hydrated.
  4. Say No to Alcohol: – Alcohol is not good for health as it creates problems with liver and can cause cancer. During monsoon it is easy to have acidity due to the weather outside and alcohol helps acidity. So no to alcohol will keep your health in a happy state.
  5. Avoid spicy and Oily Food: – Spicy and oily food during monsoon helps the acid to give and unpleasant burning sensation in the stomach known as acidity.
  6. Cover your body properly:- Monsoon wind is a good factor for cough and cold. Covering your body properly helps in fighting with the monsoon wind.
  7. Protect yourself from mosquitoes: – It is easy to get mosquitoes during monsoon due to stagnant water. Protection from mosquitoes will help in protection against diseases like dengue and malaria.

Always remembers things that feel good at tongue are not good for stomach.

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