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Ayurvedic Treatment for Loss of Memory

According to Ayurveda body and mind are interlinked and both affect each other in a good or bad way. A healthy body is definitely foundation steps for a healthy brain and a healthy brain is the foundation for a healthy body. In fact body and mind complements each other. Hence while treating loss of memory, both psychic as well as physical factors are considered. One cannot expect an excellent memory power from a malnourished person.


As per Ayurveda Brahmi works like wonder in case of memory loss. Juice of Brahmi plant is used in medicines. Brahmi juice tastes bitter and astringent.It is advised to prescribe 30ML of Brahmi juice to the patient on an empty stomach twice daily.Because of its taste, it can be taken with honey.

Cow’s ghee has very good effect on brain and body. Many times medicines are prepared from ghee by boiling Brahmi with it, which is known as Brahmighrita and available in market commercially. One spoonful of this can be given to the patient on an empty stomach twice daily.memory loss and its treatment

When a patient is suffering from memory loss due to weak physic Brahmighrita with milk mixed with sugar or honey works well. Brahmighrita has to be mixed with warm milk and honey or sugar and can be given on an empty stomach to the patient twice daily.

Another herb used to treat memory loss is known as Vacha. Root of this plant is used as medicine to treat memory loss. One teaspoonful of the powder of this root can be taken with honey twice daily. Mixing this preparation with ghee adds benefits. Commercial products like Sarasvata Churna contains Brahmi and Vacha.


Cow’s milk, ghee etc. are good for the patient. All food with pungent and spicy taste should be avoided. Bitter foods also can be avoided for faster recovery. Consumption of Almond and Amalaki are known as helpful in memory loss condition. Healthy lifestyle is advisable.

The patient should be kept away from all kinds of worries, sadness, anxieties etc. Yoga is very useful to treat memory loss faster as it helps in calming down the mind. Prayer helps as it brings concentration.


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But the head the problem here doctor say ur father fine but now doctor say my father wakeup must on wakeup
The food use the nose tiub for drink milk
Untill now cant eat own
He can see but no have any reaction from he why doctor…

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