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Home remedies for Stress

What is Stress?

Stress is the reaction of the body towards social, physical, emotional and mental condition inflicted on an individual. It is the term given to the problems which our body faces while fighting the physical as well as psychological threats whether imagined or actual. Though stress is not always inimical, excess stress can affect the regular lifestyle of an individual in a negative manner.

Causes of Stress:

Hormonal factors, overload of work, chronic disease, and feeling of inferiority are some of the factors that cause stress. However, there is no need to worry when you feel like stressed out. This is because there are several home remedies available which can quickly help you to get rid of stress and make you feel cheerful and happy.

Home Remedies for Stress:

  1. Drinking tea made up of sage leaves with honey can immediately provide relief from stress, and you will feel like normal as again.
  2. Sunflower and Alfalfa seeds are also efficient in treating stress.
  3. Water treatments such as taking a bath with hot water can also provide relief from stress and anxiety as it helps the whole body to relax. This is simple yet effective home remedies that help to get rid of stress.
  4. Blackstrap Molasses ( a by-product of sugar) are one of the best home remedies that work towards reducing stress. These are rich in Vitamin B, a vital nutrient required to keep stress at bay.
  5. Including more sprouts which are rich in calcium in your diet can also prove beneficial in reducing stress.
  6. Chewing basil leaves can also prove effective in preventing stress. The same goes with Pantothenic acid.
  7. Take some rose petals, boil them in water and add some sugar for taste. Drink this mixture whenever you feel stressed out.
  8. Drinking milk mixed with cinnamon and honey also reduces stress.

Remember one thing, apart from these home remedies you will also have to make some quality changes to your lifestyle to prevent stress. Avoid soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, and smoking. This is because; they reduce the vital Vitamin B from the body and hence increase stress. So the next time you feel like stressed out, don?t keep pondering, just use any of these home remedies and see how stress will vanish in no time.

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