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Home remedies to cure stretch marks naturally

Stretch marks can make skin look dull, ugly and uneven. Explore some effective remedies that are not only natural, but totally safe in getting rid of dull stretch marks in an easy way!

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is rich in high amount of essential nutrients that not just helps in improving your skin texture also aids in curing several health problems. It is considered very effective in healing sunburns, minor burns and wounds on the skin. For treating stretch marks, take aloe vera gel on your fingers and apply it gently over the affected area until whole gel gets completely absorbed into skin. After a few minutes, rinse the area with warm water. Another way to treat stretch marks is by mixing aloe vera gel with vitamin A capsule and vitamin E capsule.  Applying this mixture on the skin helps in not just curing stretch marks, but also in getting silky soft skin.


  • Sugar: Sugar is a natural exfoliant. Exfoliating skin with this mild exfoliant helps in getting silky smooth skin as it improves blood circulation under the skin. Take 1 tbsp of sugar in a bowl and add a few drops of lemon juice and almond oil to it. Mix nicely and then massage the affected area with this scrub.  You can continue your massage on a daily basis until stretch marks start diminishing.
  • Olive oil: Olive oil is extremely helpful in treating various skin conditions since it is highly rich in various essential vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin D. Olive oil is a very good option for getting rid of stretch marks. Take some warm olive oil in a bowl and add water along with vinegar to it and mix it nicely. Applying this mixture on stretch marks on a daily basis at night time proves really helpful in treating stretch marks.

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