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Home remedies for insect bites

Many people suffer from bites of different insects. Some of these insects can carry enough toxin to impart unbearable pain and swelling if they bite you. An encounter with the insects are inevitable as you are ought to find some bugs, insects here and there. Some bugs may be repelled with insect repellent, but most of them are exceptionally bold to get offended by repellents. In this post, we will discuss some natural ways to treat insect bites and protect yourself and your skin from affronts.

  • If the honey bee has bitten you then the pain and swelling can become unbearable. To get instant relief, prepare a mixture of Rock Salt (SendhaNamak) and Fennel Seed (Saunf). Apply this mixture on the place of the sting. The Honeybee often attacks people who collect natural honey from honey bee nest, they use camphor on their skin to ward away the bees.
  • If a centipede attacks you, then in such a case use onion and garlic extract on the bitten place. This will help you to get instant relief from the centipede venom.
  • Applying a drop or two of peppermint oil on the area bitten by a bug also helps in getting quick relief. It also offers cooling effect and increases the blood circulation, which in turn speed up the healing process.
  • There are many times that people found themselves face to face with a monkey and ended up getting bitten. For treating the animal bite, make a paste of onion extract and natural honey and apply the paste on the wounded area. In case you are bitten by a dog or a Jackal then the use of onion extract on the injured area may help in ending the effect of the venom.
  • In the case of mosquito bites applying kerosene on the bitten places can be effective. Mosquito bites are although not that much dangerous, but mosquitoes can carry dangerous pathogens that can cause illness. To prevent mosquito bites applying mustard oil on the skin can be quite useful.
  • Stings of wasp are more common in the village areas, every day many people are attacked by these tiny creatures. Yellow wasp is quite common in Indian villages, few stings are not very dangerous, but if you got yourself with several stings, then it can be painful. Swelling, pain, headache, fever, etc. are some of the aftereffects of the sting attack. For treating wasp sting you can use these home remedies for a wasp bite. Rub the area with some iron piece to remove the sting from the skin. Rub some sour pickle or any marinated thing in the area for treating wasp bite.
  • Applying kerosene on the sting bite area also gives relief.

In the cases of sting bites, like honeybee or wasp bite, try to remove the sting from the skin immediately after the attack, this will save you from a lot of pain and swelling. This will prevent the spread of venom in the body.

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