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Ayurvedic principle for Pitta body types

Pitta controls digestion, energy production, and metabolism. The prime function of pitta is to transform. People with Pitta predominance have fiery nature which manifests both mind and body.

Pitta is considered as hot, sour, pungent, penetrating and sharp. To balance Pitta, use substances that are sweet and have a cooling and stabilizing effect.

What are the symptoms of Imbalanced Pitta?

Several symptoms implicate the presence of imbalanced pitta. Some of these are; swelling and sweating and burning sensation.

  • Rashes and cold sore
  • Gastric or peptic ulcer
  • nausea and discomfort
  • Uncontrollable feeling of heat inside your body
  • Irritation, anger, and frustration
  • Inflamed red and light sensitive eyes.
  • Inflammation in body and joints.

Classification of Pitta types

Ayurveda classifies types of pitta into five distinct types, these are:

  • Pachak Pitta
  • Ranjak Pitta
  • Sadhak Pitta
  • Alochak Pitta
  • Bhrajak Pitta

What is the recommended diet for vitiated Pitta?

Food types that are sweet or have a cooling effect on the body are considered as a good choice against Pitta.

Other than these one can also consume grains like wheat, barley, rice, oats, etc. People are also advised to eat fruits like oranges, grapes, pomegranate and vegetable/fruit juice. Drinking lots of milk, cold water, juices and coconut water is also beneficial. Some people may also find relief by a cold massage with sandal paste or medicated oil.

Food that should be avoided when you are suffering from vitiated pitta

You should refrain from eating food that is bitter, acidic or hot. Spices such as garlic, potato, ginger, pepper and tamarind can increase bile. So, spicy, acidic or sour food items are a strict no with vitiated pitta. Liquor, carbonated drinks and caffeine are few other drinks that contribute to Pitta. Milk items such as Yogurt and buttermilk should be avoided along with excess oil from your diet. Moreover, please try to avoid any food item that increases internal heat.

Ayurvedic tips for reducing vitiated pitta dosha

Ayurveda offers several effective tips to help in balancing pitta. It also helps in keeping you calm and cool during summer. Inducing a routine can also assist in reducing pitta. Maintaining your bedtime and eating regular meal helps in controlling pitta. Oil message is also quite effective and helps in balancing pitta doshas.

Some extra tips that can be used to reduce the effect of vitiated bile are as follows:

  1. Food and drinks having a cooling effect on the body are effective against pitta dosha. While you include these foods in your diet, try to cut on your consumption of pungent, salty and sour items. Massaging your scalp with coconut oil also helps in inducing a cooling effect on your body.
  2. A healthy liver helps in keeping you healthy. You can use a mixture of grated apple along with lemon juice and one tablespoon of olive oil. Use this drink every day during breakfast to see the result. If you have Kapha/Vata, then try adding some cayenne, garlic, and ginger to the drink.
  3. Try to avoid excessive use of hot foods as much as possible. It is also advisable to avoid intense sauna, hot tub bath, and sunbath.
  4. If your work puts a lot of stress on your mind and body, then it is advisable to take few short breaks. Taking short breaks between you work helps in keeping you calm and conditioned.
  5. Avoid excessive exposure to chemicals, heat or flames.
  6. Avoid sunbathing during and try having a moon bath. Cold night air will help in reduction of pitta.
  7. You can also include some of the Yoga asanas in your daily routine. Some asanas that are effective against Pitta are; uttanasana, moon salutations and spinal twist. Try to consult a good Yoga practitioner for asanas.
  8. You can also take help of meditation. It can act as an effective medium to channelize your pitta.

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