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Ayurvedic ways to increase chances of getting conceived

For couples who are planning for a baby but are not able to conceive it is a matter of great concern. While most of the couples will go to seek help of conventional medicines, but going the Ayurvedic way can also help in enhancing the chances of conception. Ayurveda also offers the natural way of treating infertility without causing any side effects. In this post we will try to discuss some Ayurvedic methods that can help couples in enhancing their chances of conceiving.

How Ayurveda can work on treating infertility?

The Ayurvedic approach is as scientific as conventional medical system. Infertility in humans is compared with plants in Ayurveda. The process is quite similar to the nurturing of a seed into a plant. Lets have a look at how the infertility treatment is planned in Ayurveda.

In human ovulation and menstrual cycle is called as Ritu in Sanskrit, which is similar as season in plants. Healthy uterus is comparable to fertile land and is known as Kshetram. Proper water and nourishment in the plant is comparable to proper nutrient in human being and is termed as Ambu. The last one is Beejam which means the quality of seed in the plant and can also be attributed to the quality of ovum and sperm in human.

The basis of Ayurvedic treatment is to ensure that the ovulation process in the women is proper and she is able to produce healthy ova. It also ensures that the man is producing enough sperm count for conceiving. It is also quite important to ensure that the reproductive organ of both men and women are functioning healthy.

According to Ayurveda a person’s health mainly depends upon following factors:

  • Bio energies should be in equilibrium state, i.e. doshas should be in proper state, these are PittaVata and Kapha.
  • Proper functional digestive system
  • Seven layers of body body tissue or sapta dhatus should be healthy.
  • Balanced senses
  • Proper functioning excretory system

When the proper function of the body is disturbed due to improper diet or lifestyle, then it leads to diseases or ailments. While the conventional medicine may be able to treat both the partners, Ayurveda take account of the condition of both as individual and try to get rid of the toxins present in their body. This restores tranquility and balance that helps in conception.

The science of conceiving

The success of conception depends upon the health of the sperm, ovum and uterus. In both men and women, the reproductive health of the individual depends upon the health of the reproductive tissue or the shukra dhatu which is created inside one’s body. Proper metabolism and efficient digestion, help in conversion of nutrient from food into body muscles, bone, and bone marrow and in shukra dhatuShukra dhatu is responsible for production of ovum during the monthly cycle and the same helps in production of semen in men during sexual excitement.  Hence the health of the shukra dhatu depends largely upon the healthy functioning of the other body organs.

What factors helps in smooth conceiving?

There are many physical, psychological and environmental factors that can affect fertility in both women and men. Let’s have a look at a few reasons from Ayurveda’s perspective that can affect fertility.

  • Health of reproductive organ is quite important for conception. In case of a man, sperms and in case of a woman, its uterus, which is responsible for a smooth conception. However, lack of proper nutrition, toxin accumulation and poor digestion deprive the organs from nutrients and makes them unhealthy.
  • Lack of emotional connection with the person also makes it difficult to conceive. Having sex on compulsion with someone you didn’t like or are not attached to makes this process a lot more difficult. At the same time if you are over-indulged in the sexual activities, then it can lead to shukra kshaya and can cause impotency.
  • Irregular diet is also responsible for the ailment. Eating salty, spicy or food with lots of preservatives can increase pitta and destroys semen or shukra.
  • There is also indication that controlling sexual urges for longer duration also leads to veeryaavarodha which means an obstruction in the normal semen flow. This decrease the libido.
  • Often infertility is also caused by the tissue damage due to trauma and infection.

Treating infertility

The basic principle of Ayurvedic treatment lies in the detoxification of the body, this helps every single cell to receive proper nourishment and helps them to perform optimally. If your organs are working fine then your probability of conceiving increases by folds. The Panchakarma therapy of Ayurveda is the first step in the treatment aimed to help couples with conception.

Panchkarma process

This helps the body in getting rid of toxins. Once the detoxification occurs the digestive system gets automatically corrected at micro level and hence each cell starts to receive proper nourishment.

Once the nutrients starts to reach each and every part of the body, it starts nourishment. Nutrients like vitamins and minerals reaches to the detoxified cells along with the hormones, enzymes and sufficient quantity of oxygen. This helps in proper functioning of the cells and improving their self-sustaining healing properties. This helps in boosting immunity and improving chances of conceiving.

Minimum of about 21 days is needed to complete the whole process. The entire Panchakarma process is comprised of three steps.

  • Pre process: This consists of various massages and internal medicines. This helps in relieving of cellular toxins and flush them out through excessive sweating.
  • Proper Process: This phase is the eliminating phase where all the collected toxins are eliminated from the body by using procedures like:
    1. Special oil massage or Sneha vasthy
    2. Consuming various Ayurvedic decoction or Kashaya Vasthy
  • Elimination of toxins with purgation or Virechanam
  1. Purifying through the nose or Nasyam
  2. Excreting toxins or Vamanam
  3. Post Process: It is the last stage of the treatment and is the rejuvenating phase that enhances the positive energy flow in the body. It also helps in establishing connection between mind and soul. It is an important part of the process as emotional well-being of a person helps in the conception.

Panchkarma is not the only process that helps in treating infertility. Depending upon the situation and health issues of the couple,  some other methods or treatments are planned alongside with Panchakarma.

Other treatment processes that are used to ensure conception are:

  • Abhyanga is a form of therapeutic oil massage that is done to restore the balance between the doshas. The oil used in the process is pre-medicated and used with specific herbs for desired results.
  • Podikkizhi is a treatment process that is done with the powdered herbs and is quite effective in relieving deep rooted tension, stimulating circulation, cleaning toxins, providing strength to muscles and getting rid of excess kapha. This also helps in sweating out toxins.
  • Snehapanam is the treatment process involving consumption of medicated ghee. This helps in treating digestive disorders.
  • Elakizhi is a massage with the medicated herbs and leaves. Fresh leaves of any anti-Vata plant like Eranda (Ricinus Communis), Rasna (Pluchea), Arka (Calotropis Procera), coconut leaves, cur cumin and lemon are fried with some herbs and tied with clothes. These clothes dip into warm oil, which is then used for massaging the body. The massage promotes better circulation of blood and helps in perspiration, thus eliminates wastes from the body.
  • Njavara is a form of red rice, which is cooked with herbal decoction and milk. It is then squeezed through the cotton pouch and then massaged on the whole body. This process is repeated until the whole preparation spreads evenly on the body. As rice loses the warmth it is removed.
  • Kashayavasthy is a cleansing enema where a mixture of oil, honey, herbal paste, etc. are administered to the individual as per the requirement and the condition. This treatment helps in reducing vata and treat several disorders.
  • In Pizihichill process the whole body is washed in the steam of lukewarm medicinal oil with massage. It offers protection to the body against illness and helps in building immunity. It is also quite effective in treating various ailments like arthritis, paralysis and sexual weakness.
  • Lepanam is the procedure by which the medicated paste is applied directly to the body depending upon the specific condition. The paste is removed once it dries. The thickness depends upon the condition of the patient. This should be avoided in people with sensitive skin.
  • Avagaham is the relaxing sized bath where one has to sit in a tub filled with warm decoction of the herbs. The body is then anointed with the medicated oil and plunged bath is given to the individual in the tub containing decoction of herbs according to individual condition.
  • Evening Therapy includes thakradhara or thailadhara that helps in reducing the assimilation of emotional toxins in the body by use of relaxation techniques.

Normally the methods of treatment and the medication may be selected according to the ailment level in the patient and the constitution of the body. A final plan for treatment is made only after doing a proper health assessment of the individual.

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