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Ayurvedic remedies for treating Scorpion Bite

Ayurveda provides several emergency first aid for scorpion bite treatment. Scorpion bite is quite dangerous and if not treated properly a strong scorpion bite can also cause death. Generally a scorpion bite causes a reddish skin with swelling with terrible pain at the bitten place. Children are more vulnerable to scorpion bites.

Let us have a look at some of the simple first aid Ayurvedic remedies for treating scorpion bite:

  • A quick way to treat scorpion bite is, take about 4-5 matchbox stick and take the non-toxic red phosphorus off their heads. Mix it with water and apply this on the Scorpion bitten area to reduce the poison effect.
  • Just like the snake bite, you can also use a sharp object to make a deep cut on the bitten area to remove the bite from the body. Then tightly tie a piece of cloth at about 5-7 inches above the bite location on the body.  Do not do this unless you have specialized and sanitized tools or you will end up with severe infection of other kind. Do only under the supervision of a trained medical professional.
  • To reduce scorpion bite poison. Extract some juice of onion and mix it with the Nausadar (Ammonium Chloride) and apply the mixture on the bite place. This will help in reducing the effect of the poison.
  • Take a tamarind seed and warm it a little. Rub this seed until the outer cover of the seed is removed and the inner white middle portion of the seed becomes visible. Then place this seed on the bite location.
  • The leaves of Pudina or Peppermint is also helpful in reducing the effect of the Scorpion bite. Just eating these leaves help.

These are primary Ayurvedic home remedies for treating scorpion bites. Scorpion bite cannot be treated completely with these home remedies, but these can act as your first aid. If any abnormality, skin irritation or pain persists, then take advice of a medical professional.

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Are you kidding. No one recommends cutting into any bite, and tying off with a tourniquet. This WILL cause spread of the venom, and cause infection, secondary wounds and a host of other potentially fatal consequences. DO NOT cut into any sting or bite, EVER, unless you have specialized training to do so!

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