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Yoga asanas during pregnancy

Yoga is nothing but finding the inner self and connecting with the universe. Yoga has numerous qualities that enrich your life and hence it is the best form of exercise especially in the times of pregnancy. It is because; yoga eases the complications experienced during pregnancy and helps a pregnant woman to cope with pregnancy effectively.

The following are some of the asanas which you can practice during pregnancy

Pranayama: Also known as deep breathing, it is one of an essential asanas for pregnant women. It is nothing but a form of meditation. A majority of pregnant women experience stress and anxiety during the period of their of pregnancy. Deep breathing or Pranayama, when practiced regularly, helps to reduce this stress. Practicing Pranayama is simple; you just need to concentrate on your natural breathing. Feel the movement of the abdomen while you breathe. While inhaling, feel the energy and power whereas while exhaling, throw away the stress and tension, Pranayama when practiced early in the morning can be highly beneficial.
The Butterfly Pose: Also known as Titali Asana, this pose helps to open up the inner thighs and hips and relieves the pressure from the area of the inner thigh. Furthermore, the Titali asana also stretches your groin area. If you practice this asana from the first trimester period of your pregnancy, then you will not find any complications during childbirth.


Tadasana: It is one of the standing poses helpful during pregnancy. To perform Tadasana, you need to stand erect and stretch your feet up to one inch apart and then inhale and simultaneously raise the arms in the upward direction and then raise the heels. Lower the arms and heels downwards as you exhale. This asana exercises the spine and abdominal muscles. However, if you practice this asana then stop raising the heels once you are three months pregnant.
These were some of the simple asanas which you can practice during your pregnancy. Remember, during the first month of pregnancy, perform more standing asanas such as the Tadasana as it helps you to strengthen the legs and also increases your energy levels. In the middle and final stages of the pregnancy some yogic asanas can lead to fatigue, hence, it is advisable that you practice more of breathing exercises such as Pranayama during this period. Avoid any exercises that may include inversions during pregnancy.

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Dear Doctor,

My wife is pregnant & is in the seventh month. Kindly advice me of various yoga exercises till child birth & to have a normal delivery.

Arun George.

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