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Yoga Asanas and Their benefits

Asanas form the core part of Yoga; they help to attain unity of mind and body which is the primary objective of practicing Yoga.  Asanas in Yoga are the third of the eight limbs in the purview of Yoga. Asana, in a literal sense, refers to abiding or staying. They are nothing but a certain type of position of the body which is achieved just by following some specific steps. In the western world, these Asanas are known as poses or postures and are used to maintain overall health and promote the well-being of the person.

When you perform an Asana, you do nothing but strike a balance between your movement and stillness. Every posture of Yoga epitomizes a kind of mental attitude. This altitude can vary from being surrendering to the Almighty or empowering the creation of a sort of physical prayer or in simple words the will of the body. By performing the various Yogic Asanas, you can not only invigorate your body but can also revitalize your mind as well as the soul. Let us take a look at what are the types of Yogic Asanas, which help us to achieve this condition.

Types of Yogic Asanas :

Sitting and Supine Asanas

These types of Asanas involve sitting in supine or upright extending positions. These types of Asanas help to prepare a person physically as well as mentally.One of this kind of Yogic Asana is known as Pranayama.

Standing Asanas

These types of Asanas bring flexibility in muscles and joints and give the particular person the required stamina and stability. These types of Asanas make up for the majority of the basic training of practice in Yoga and are hence the best for beginners to start with.

Balancing Asanas

These types of Asanas help to strengthen the wrists and arms of a person. They make a person’s body feel light by exercising the abdominal organs.

Forward bending Asanas

These types of Asanas help a person to stretch the posterior half of the body thereby preparing the person to go ahead and develop a kind of consistency requires attaining physical as well as mental pliability.

Back Bending Asanas

These Asanas are the exact opposite than the Forward bending Asanas. These types of Asanas help to stretch the anterior spine of the body unlike the posterior bends practiced in forward bending asanas. These asanas bring about a physical and mental sharpness in a person.

Twisting Asanas

These types of Asanas tranquilize the mind and tone the internal organs of a person. These include a process of lateral twisting and stretching of the spine.

Inverted Asanas

Inverted Asanas provide strength and promote mental balance as well as emotional stability to the person. These Asanas, when practiced regularly, can act as stress busters and can also provide relief from pressure.

Abdominal and Lumbar Asanas

These types of Asanas provide strength to the lumbar and pelvic areas of the body. They also massage and tone the abdominal organs.

Benefits of Yogic Asanas

  1. Practicing Asanas on a regular basis helps to improve strength, health flexibility and balance.
  2. The primary objective of Asanas is to maintain and restore a person’s overall well-being in terms of both physical as well as spiritual.
  3. The different poses involved in the Yogic Asanas help the person practicing these Asanas to control as well as explore all the prospects of body and mind such as concentration, emotions, faith, intent and also the uniformity between physical and supernal body.
  4. Yogic Asanas help a person to strike a balance between the material and spiritual world.
  5. The different Yogic Asanas also cater a person practicing them a path of strengthening the will and exploring the mental attitudes.
  6. Yogic Asanas also help a person to calm the mind and discover the inner essence of the body.
  7. The Yogic asanas control the levels of blood pressure in the body and also ensure proper functioning of the respiratory system. They also address the issues related to the circulatory system of the body.
  8. Strengthening all the parts of the body and providing muscle flexibility form the core part of the physical benefits obtained through the practice of Yogic asanas.
  9. If you are trying to lose weight, then you should practice some of the Yogic asanas as they are the best way to shed those extra pounds in the healthiest manner.
  10. Yogic Asanas when practiced on regular basis help to bring down the levels of stress in a person and also cure all the problems and disorders that occur as a result of stress.
  11. Yogic Asanas not only help a person to increase his/her stamina but also increase the levels of concentration in the human being.

Pranayama, Bhungasana, Vrukshasana, Padmasana and many other Yogic Asanas have proved beneficial in attaining the unity between the body and mind thereby keeping various disorders away from the person.

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