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Using Yoga to tackle Diabetes and hypertension

Everyone nowadays is aware of the positive effects of yoga and how it helps in dealing with various frailties. But one thing that everyone should also know is that there are some specific Yoga asana or poses that are helpful in handling specific health conditions. In this post we will discuss about the yoga poses that can help in dealing effectively with diabetes and hypertension; two most common symptoms found in youngsters due to their lifestyle.

Yoga asana or postures to deal with diabetics

The onset of chronic conditions can be prevented by daily use of Yoga. Moreover, practicing yoga postures or asana is also helpful in improving lowering blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity while detoxifying and maintaining your internal organs. One of the most prominent reasons behind the increase of blood sugar level is secretion of stress hormones. Yoga can be of considerable help in calming stress levels and keeping check on your blood sugar levels. Some of the Yoga asana that can help you in keeping a tap on your blood sugar levels are:

Ardha matsyendrasana

This asana is considered as a boon for the diabetics as regular and continuous practice of this posture helps in simulating beta cells present in the pancreas to emit more insulin. This posture is targeted at simulating pancreatic cells and secretion of insulin helps in soothing blood sugar levels and hence helps people who are suffering from diabetes.


Gomukhasana is one posture that offers an incredible amount of benefit. It helps in simulating different organs. It induces relaxation, stimulates, kidneys, helps in stretching muscles in the knees, buttocks and lower side of the back. Regular practice of Gomukhasana also massages pelvic and reproductive organs. These all round effect of the asana is considered beneficial for tackling diseases like diabetes, sexual malfunctions and high blood pressure.


Paschimottanasana benefits abdominal organs. It helps in simulating life energy and manipura chakra, helps in stretching the back muscles, leg muscles and increases the blood supply. It also triggers smooth functioning of kidney and pancreas, which in turn helps in controlling weight and keep a tab on the diabetes.


Any Yogic asana that mildly compresses an organ beneath the intestine, liver, abdomen and pancreases simulates them to function properly as expected, which in turns keep the blood sugar level to normal. Sarvangasana also gently carries out massage of the parathyroid and thyroid while you perform the chin-lock. This gentle massage smoothens the blood flow circulation to these glands and helps them in efficiently performing their tasks.

There are several other asanas like Malasana, Halasana and Adho Mukho Snavasana that consists of postures that can be helpful to people suffering from diabetes or to someone who is aiming to keep diabetes at bay.

Yoga postures that can help in curbing Hypertension

Hypertension is one of the most widely growing concerns among the present generation.  So, if you are suffering from high blood pressure then these yoga asanas may help you in keeping a check on it.


Shavasana or the corpse pose offers uncanny relaxation and relieves the muscle tension. It also helps in releasing stress and is excellent to lower the blood pressure.


Hypertension has adverse effect on the body, it contract your arteries, which may also result into some serious issues like stroke or even heart attack. The bending posture like paschimottanasana helps in providing flexibility to the arteries and helps in lowering down the blood pressure.


The prefect way to remove hypertension is to free your mind of unnecessary chaos. Hypertension is the result of the uneven thought process, anxiety and anger. Balasana helps you in flushing out all the negative thoughts and toxins, thus helps in considerable reduction of stress.

Adho mukha svanasana

This posture can help you in efficiently removing stress and tension from your back and shoulder. The asana is also known as down facing dog because of its appearance.

Anulom Vilom Pranayam

This is actually not a pastor, but a pranayama or breathing technique. This is quite great in calming your mind and reliving your stress. The regular and controlled breathing helps in lowering down the anxiety level and downgrades the heart-rate which in turn lowers your blood pressure. Research claims that pranayama helps in balancing the endocrine and immune system.


This yoga posture is also popularly known as the ‘Bridge pose’. Setubandhasana is made of two conjoined words; ‘Setu’ meaning bridge and ‘asana’ meaning posture. This asana helps in improving blood circulation, reduces stress, induces concentration and relieves one of tension.

Other asanas like Sukhasana also induce a salutary effect for people suffering from Hypertension and helps in relieving stress from your body.

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