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Treatment of Allergy in a natural way

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian life science, provides helpful insights to people suffering from various allergic diseases. When someone reacts strongly to certain environmental conditions, it is said that the individual is allergic. When this happens, their immune system triggers allergic symptoms. They may respond through breathing, skin, and in the stomach due to this contact. Allergic symptoms include reddening of the eyes, rumbling of stomach, shortness of breath, food intolerance and swelling of the skin and other body parts. Allergic reactions could either be genetically or environmentally induced.

The nose, the breathing organ is equipped with necessary process to ensure we only breathe the best air. It warms up the air we breathe in and filters the pollen and pollutants suspended therein. Mucosal linings of the bronchi do the filtration. The particles trapped here are then expelled through sneezing and coughing. In an environment where the concentration of pollens in the air we breath is high, reflex action induces the secretion of more mucus to help trap more pollen. The increased mucus production lead to an allergic trigger.

The Ayurvedic treatment process is used to mitigate the adverse effects of allergies. Though there are many solutions to these conditions, detoxification is the most effectiveness even though the process is time-consuming.

When these allergic conditions are noticed, a treatment procedure known as Pancha Karma can be applied. One of the effective method utilizes medicated fat (ghee) to bond allergic toxins before being extracted.

Some detox remedies to digestive, breathing, immune disorders and dermis allergy which can be effectively handled at home, are listed below.

Improve digestion

Poor digestion is responsive for allergies related to the digestive system. These cause gas and stomach rumbles, discomfort, etc. Patients are advised to change their diet to improve the digestive process and eliminate these allergic symptoms. When starting the digestion allergy therapy, they should begin by eating small portions of some recommended food. Steamed rice, served hot and oil-free, accompanied by ginger and black pepper, for example, can calm the digestive system. After a few days, they should increase their portion, with the increased metabolism. This food will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, allowing rapid toxin elimination.

Steam inhalation

Inhaling steam from hot water dilates the nasal tissues and sweat glands. This action accelerates the expulsion of toxic waste through the skin by allowing the oil to penetrate into the inner layer of the skins and coagulates with toxins. Water can them be used to extract the waste to the surface through scrubbing ad rinsing. Occasionally, a mild soap can be utilized. It is advised to the patient for a body massage using coconut oil before bathing.

Nasal drops

Nasal drops process is used to treat breathing related allergic attacks. The application of warm sesame oil in the patient’s nose in the morning helps with mucus formation and trapping of pollen. Use this method continuously to ensure prevention of respiratory allergy.

Use oils

Quality unrefined coconut, olive and sesame oils are recommended. Consumption of these oils helps repair and reinforce the epithelial and mucosal linings. A daily intake of about 50ml is adequate.

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