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Simple Ways to Minimize Acid reflux

Patients, who are suffering from acid reflux exhibit symptoms of stomach ulcers and other forms of inflammations. Factors contributing to Pitta disorder may include one of a combination of stress, anger, spicy diet, and high temperature. A first review of the patients’ life and diet can assist to restore Pitta tranquility, thereby leading to improved digestive process, lower stress, calm, and fulfilling lifestyle.

Pitta is the heat energy generated within every single living cell in the human body. However, it is highly concentrated in cells within our stomach region. Prolonged consumption of heavily spiced food like vinegar, tomatoes, mango pickle, sour citrus fruits, orange juice, salsa, yogurt, onions, garlic and chili peppers can aggravate the intestines, triggering the pancreas to release higher doses of acid to break down food particles. Drinks including like whiskey, rum, vodka, brandy, wines and even selected energy drinks also do trigger this reaction. Excess release of the acid can lead to burning sensation in the stomach. In the worst case, it can even result in damaging the intestinal lining.

When someone feels this reaction, skipping meals is not recommended. Even though not hungry, they should take light meals in the morning, comprising of juice, fruits, warm milk, or Lassi. Regeneration of a Subdosha of Pitta, known as Sadhaka Pitta, is disoriented when meals are skipped. This Subdosha regulates the state of bliss and content. When meals are not taken at regular intervals, with time, the stomach burning sensation is intensified.  Consequently, an empty stomach is detrimental to someone’s health. With the prolonged consumption of spicy food and hot drinks, the acid release is manifested through anxiety, rage, stress, and short-temperedness. Further, since the stomach is starved of the necessary nutrients required to stabilize the hormones, the patient tends to consume food over when eating as a response mechanism, to store the excess which would be digested later, when the acid is released. This overeating subsequently results in being overweight, hence triggering other health conditions associated with this.

Management of Sadhaka Pitta is cheap and easy but requires lots of discipline. By avoiding stressful situations and apply stress management, the Pitta balance can be restored progressively. Therapy could include enjoying nature and beauty (like sandy beaches, happy talks, keeping warm company, going for picnics, jogging, doing yoga, etc.).  Taking time off stressful working environment, by playing with children and pets, can alleviate tension. Additionally, taking hobbies and vacation can also relax minds, thereby soothing the body.

In addition to lifestyle, certain food counteracts the acidity problem. Sweet, soothing foods and drinks such as fresh coconut juice, mango juice, and warm milk, when consumed in a variety of food such as rice dishes, or chutneys; pomegranate juice;  fresh Aloe Vera, baked fennel seeds, split mung,  grains, and melon. Mild spices such as fenugreek seeds, coriander, cardamom and most vegetables, offer an excellent remedy.

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