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Yoga asanas for kids

In this busy world, the lives of kids have also become a hectic these days and that too more than adults. This is because the competition is increasing and so the burden of studies and the pressure of building up a career. It ultimately leads to loads of pressure and anxiety.

It is important that children are provided with alternative treatments that will keep them fit and face all the challenging situations confronting them in their day-to-day lives. Yoga is one of the best treatments which children can also practice and get rid of anxiety and stress in an easy way.

The following are some of the yogic asanas for kids, which will help them fight stress and add vigor to their mind as well will also strengthen their body.

Marjaryasana or Cat Pose: Majority of yogic asanas is similar to those positions of animals, and hence children love doing them. The cat pose involves keeping hands and knees in a position of that of a tabletop. However, while performing marjaryasana see to it that the knees of the kid are directly below the hips, and the shoulders and elbows are perpendicular, and the head is in a neutral position. You’re your child to exhale and then round the spine towards the direction of the ceiling and release the head towards the floor. Inhale and then come back towards the original tabletop position. This yogic asana nourishes the spine and helps your children to feel relaxed.

Uttanasana or Standing forward bend pose: Make your child stand in tadasana and place his hands on the hips. Bend towards the hip joints and exhale. Bend in the forward direction and bring the torso in front to open the space between the top sternum and groins. If possible try to touch the palms on the floor. This asana should be practiced for at least 20-30 seconds as it helps exercise the hips, legs and spine and calms down the brain and provides relief to children from any stress.


Pranayama or breathing exercises: This exercise is one of the best as it helps calm down the mind and brain and is also easy to practice.  It also helps to increase the psychological and physical performance of kids. Make your child sit in a comfortable position with back straight, tell them to take several deep breaths and then breathe in and out through either of the nostrils until they get a sense of relaxation and calmness.

Practicing yoga asanas especially early in the morning will make your kids healthy, and they will appear more lively and cheerful throughout the day.