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Yoga therapy for Asthma

Research indicates that yoga is one of the best alternative forms of treatment that helps to reduce the intensity of the asthma attacks and also contributes to a faster treatment of asthma. Regular practice of yoga asanas is highly beneficial as they enhance the airflow of the lungs, increase the air capacity and also improve the efficiency and stamina.

Here are some of the yogic ways through which you can keep your asthma at bay

Dandasana: This yogic asana is a good therapy for asthma. Just sit with an erect spine and keep your knees bent and then place your palms on either side of your hips and rest on the hips. Straighten your legs and then bring your legs closer to each other in the inward direction. Stretch your knees and toes and stretch the calf muscles. Extend your arms and elbows and then lift your abdomen for one minute. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Dandasana, when practiced regularly, brings down the level of asthma attacks.

Pranayama: It is one of the best breathing exercises which patients with asthma should practice. Place one finger on one of the nostril and inhale through the other nostril and then exhale with the other nostril by slowly removing your finger. Repeat the procedure with the other nostril and see how it helps you calm down and treats asthma.




Dirga Pranayama: This is a normal process of cyclic breathing in which the lower abdomen, the upper chest, and ribcage are filled with air to fill the capacity of lungs. This process by enhancing the airflow of the lungs helps to counter asthma.

Ujjayi Pranayama: This breathing exercise helps to combat asthma caused due to cold air. It involves breathing through the nose by tightening the throat. It is just like sipping air with the help of a straw but is highly beneficial in treating asthma.

Kapalabhati Pranayama: This involves exhaling in a forceful manner with a significant amount of contraction of the muscles of the abdomen. The relaxation that follows should be used to inhale air. Repeat this process as it helps to strengthen the lungs and opens up the congestion.

If you are also affected by asthma, then practice these breathing exercises every day and see how it will bring down the levels of asthma in a gradual manner. However, for better results you will need to practice these exercises early in the morning.