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Mouth Ulcer Prevention and Remedies

Mouth ulcers are annoying sores that develop inside the mouth. Mouth ulcer may be the result of several reasons like stress, eating a lot of spicy food, non-veg food and even due to deficiencies of vitamins like B and C.

Below are few remedies for mouth ulcer.

  1. Avoid drinking tea or coffee if you got mouth ulcer.
  2. Oily food with a lot of spices aggravates the condition of mouth ulcer.
  3. Massaging the affected parts with coconut milk help to sooth the pain.
  4. Eat raw tomatoes. Raw tomatoes help in early recovery from mouth ulcer.
  5. Make a paste of turmeric mixed with little glycerin and apply on the sore. Continue this several times daily for early recovery.
  6. Chew few leaves of tulsi with some water. Repeat this 4/5 times a day.
  7. Applying toothpaste on the sore helps in soothing pain.
  8. Avoid fast food. Have food rich in fiber, calcium, and vitamin c.
  9. Avoid non-vegetarian food completely as this increases acidity thereby encouraging mouth ulcer.