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Step by step guide to get rid of dry cough

Dry cough continuing for a long time can be very infuriating and may indicate towards some other underlying health issues. Coughing throughout the day without any phlegm can cause pain and sore throat and change in the voice can cause damage to the voice box.

Dry cough is not age specific and can occur to anyone. Frequent coughing caused lots of problems to the patient and discomfort to the surrounding people. In some people coughing intensifies during bed time, this may hinder their sleep.

Causes of cough:

Cough can be caused by various reasons. Some of these are:

Viral Infection: Long suffering from sore throat and cold due to viral infections can be one of the main causes of dry cough.

Chronic Infections: Patient suffering from chronic infections like asthma often suffers from prolonged cough problems.

Gastro esophageal reflux disease: dry cough can also be caused due GERD when frequent coughing is observed with the GERD symptoms.

Allergies and Sinus: People suffering from these problems are also prone to dry cough.

As we have already seen some of the possible causes of the dry cough, let’s now have a look at some natural remedies to get rid of dry cough.

Get rid of dry cough with home remedies

  1. Keep Yourself hydrated

One of the main reasons behind the uncomfortable feeling with dry cough is lack of hydration. The throat will feel itchy and you will face irritation while coughing. Consume some water on a regular basis to get over this feeling.

You can also have some other drinks like fruit juice and tea. Make sure to consume only those drink that doesn’t worsen your existing condition. Using beverages that are too cold or too sweet can cause more irritation.

  1. Eat right food

There is some food stuff that can help you in feeling better. Eating spicy food may increase the irritation in your throat. Instead of spicy foods you can switch to organic food stuffs that can help in soothing your throat. For example, using honey can help in providing relief. Its anti-inflammatory property can help in reduction of swelling in the tonsils.

  1. Include soup in your diet

Using soup can help in getting rid of the cough easily. Make sure to choose a soup that can help you in getting rid of the cough. The steam and hotness of the soup can help in soothing the tonsil and you will feel instant relief from the irritation.

  1. Gargle regularly

Try to gargle a number of times during the day. Take about a pinch of salt and add it in a glass of about little warm water. Use this solution for gargling. You can gargle using this in the morning or in the evening before going to sleep. Remember to use a warm water as it will soothe your throat. You can also repeat the procedure several times a day for more relief.

  1. Keep your head little elevated while lying down

While lying down on the bed try to keep your head at a little elevated as it will help you with breathing easily. Use a pillow to place your head a little above your body.

  1. Take proper rest

Take out time to give proper rest to your body. Resting helps your body to relax its internal functions and helps your immune system to eliminate any foreign elements like bacteria/ virus from the system.

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