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Natural ways to get rid of chest pain caused by Intestinal gas

Gas trapped in the chest area can be alarming as well as painful. Sometimes the chest pain caused by the gas can be so excruciating that some people may mistake it for a heart stroke. When excessive gas formed in the stomach moves towards the chest, it causes stretching in esophageal nerve opening causing discomfort and pain.

Causes of excessive gas

Let’s have a look at some of the reason that causes gas:

  1. High Fiber Food: Fibers are hard to digest. Most of the people include fibrous foods in their meals to reduce weight, but digestive system finds it hard to digest it. Taking fiber has lots of benefits, but excess consumption can also cause some problems.
  2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome: If you are suffering from this condition then there is more chance that you will be developing more gas in your system.
  3. Bad eating habits: Bad diet can also cause the formation of excessive gas in your system.
  4. Food Intolerance: Certain food types are easily digestible for some people and difficult for another. If you can’t digest food completely, it will cause gas.

Symptoms of excessive gas

  • Pain near stomach
  • Passing of gas voluntarily or involuntarily
  • Abdomen feels tight
  • You feel like being bloated. You may feel like you have gained some weight.

Natural remedies to counter chest pain due to gas

If gas from your stomach has already reached your chest and is causing pain, then here are the following remedies that you can try:

Have some water

One of the main reasons for production of excessive gas in the stomach is due to the inefficient functioning of the digestive system. Drinking water and other fluid help in aiding the digestive system by taking food out of the system along with the toxins. If food has already been digested, then it helps in preventing the formation of gas.

It is recommended to take about 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, although the quantity may vary from person to person. If you are suffering from indigestion, then it would be wise to consume some liquid food like soup. An increase in the fluid intake will help in passing gas, which can provide immediate relief.

Increase Flatulence by using some food

Increasing flatulence can also be quite helpful in getting rid of the pain caused by some food ingredient. There is many food products that can help.

Add some amount of mustard to the food before eating. Mustard can prevent build up of gas and can be very helpful in curbing your pain. Use of turmeric can also be helpful. Cumin can also be used because of its unique property that allows it to counter the gas buildup and helps in relieving from bloated feeling.

Use apple cider vinegar to get rid of chest pain

Apple cider vinegar is quite helpful for many ailments. It can be used as a home remedy for lots of diseases. It can also be used for relieving excess gas.

A teaspoonful of apple vinegar mixed with water can be consumed before eating a meal. It helps in aiding digesting. It can also be consumed before going to bed for instant relief.

Take tea

Choosing the right tea can help you in curbing your gas problem. Ginger tea can be very helpful in the reduction of gas and in aiding sore throat.

Green tea is also known for its anti-oxidant properties and helps the body in releasing toxins that may be the cause of gas buildup inside your body. Peppermint tea is also quite helpful. If you are already suffering from pain, peppermint tea can offer immediate relief.

Use peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon extract

This extract is quite an effective remedy against pain caused by gas. Add a few drops of ginger, cinnamon or peppermint extract in a glass of water and consume it. The phytochemicals present in the extract helps in relaxing the esophageal muscles, thus helps in the escape of the gas caught in the chest in the form of a belch. The solution of these extracts is quite useful and can offer instant relief from the chest pain caused by the gas.

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My mother suffering from chronic TB. Detaected on may 2017. Now she is good and under control.
Now another problems has been raised ..Gas deposit in chest frame and it will be extract out through Pipe. Have any remedies in your pathy. Kindly suggest. I shall ever be obliged for this

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