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Master Remedy of Nature Cure is Fasting with Strict Restrictions – Part IV

In our series of Master Remedy of Nature Cure is Fasting with Strict Restrictions – Part I, Master Remedy of Nature Cure is Fasting with Strict Restrictions – Part II and Master Remedy of Nature Cure is Fasting with Strict Restrictions – Part III, we have been covering the major benefits of fasting. In this article, we will be covering why it is necessary to change our eating habits to suit nature, which controls all aspects of our life.

I mentioned that I am a vegetarian. I have eaten non-vegetarian food, but found them not only absolutely tasteless but also somewhat harmful. I started researching on this subject of vegetarian food versus non-vegetarian food. I found out a few astonishing items. I am listing them here to explain how nature has created human beings for vegetarian food.

  1. I mentioned that I found non-vegetarian food as tasteless. It is absolutely true. You can eat all fruits and most vegetables raw, even without cooking. Is it possible to eat raw meat or raw fish without cooking them and adding lots of spices to them, unless you are a cannibal? The taste is not in the meat or in the flesh, but in the spices mixed with them during cooking. This is not necessary in case of fruits and vegetables. If you wish to add some taste to your vegetable salad, all you need is to sprinkle a few pinches of pepper powder and a pinch of salt on them. Adding too much salt is also dangerous to health, since most vegetables have salt built-in in them.
  2. Non-vegetarians believe that animals, birds, fish and other living species have been created for their eating. Here is an astonishing fact that even many doctors are not aware of. All animals and other human beings that are carnivorous have a stomach that is two to three feet. They usually eat their meaty food, keep it for some time in their stomach to absorb the energy in the food item and then normally vomit the balance. You will have seen dogs and cats vomit food regularly after some time. Even lions, tigers and other carnivorous animals do this regularly, with only a small residue coming out as stool from them.
  3. On the other hand, all herbivorous animals, including humans, have stomach (the length of the stomach is measured from mouth to anus) is between 10 and 12 feet. In fact, for most beings, the length of the stomach exactly doubles its height. Hence, when we or other herbivorous animals eat, it takes 8-12 hours for the food to be completely digested and reach the end of bowels. Most of us use the toilet only once a day and hence the food remains in our stomach for a minimum of 16 to 18 hours. Any non-vegetarian food is very likely to decay within the body during such a long period and germs, bacteria and viruses multiply and spread throughout the body. The construction of the human body and its stomach, which is similar to other herbivorous animals, clearly show that the human body is designed only for vegetarian food and not for non-vegetarian food.
  4. Another major argument that non-vegetarians put forth is that meat and other non-vegetarian food items provide more strength than vegetarian food. This is another huge myth created by them. For example, let us say that you are being driven by a dog and you are running as fast as you can. After some time, you will find that the dog will tire, it will start breathing hard and its tongue will start hanging out with saliva dripping. It will stop running. This is true of all carnivorous animals, including cats, lions and tigers. On the other hand, a cow or an ox can drag heavy weights for miles with a mild running. A horse can run easily run for 50 or more miles at a stretch. A deer can do the same and that is why deer or antelopes easily escape from chasing leopards, since the deer or antelopes can easily outrun the leopards. Even an elephant can run easily for 20 miles or so continuously if necessary, even with its huge body. You decide for yourself which food provides more strength.

We shall continue this interesting subject of fasting methods, restrictions and benefits in our subsequent article, Master Remedy of Nature Cure is Fasting with Strict Restrictions – Part V.

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