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Master Remedy of Nature Cure is Fasting with Strict Restrictions – Part II

In continuation of our Master Remedy of Nature Cure is Fasting with Strict Restrictions – Part I, we are presenting more revealing facts about the astonishing effects of fasting as a nature cure method. We have already stated in our introduction to nature cure principles and practices that the most common cause or reason for all bodily disorders, diseases, infections, ailments and other physical and mental afflictions is the accumulation of toxins, waste and poisonous matter in our body, which generally stems from overheating in various body parts. Most of the persons in modern world eat not only too much, but also consume unhealthy food items.

Their sedentary lifestyles of sitting for hours on chairs in offices and occupying the sofas in front of televisions on returning home prevent any type of exercise for the body parts. This results in insufficient and improper exercise for them to utilize the large quantities of food, especially the unhealthy diet that they consume. Munching some type of snack item while we watch television has been a common habit that many of us follow without even thinking about its consequences. We proceed afterwards to an enthusiastic dinner. We usually do not allow enough time for all the food items that we consumed, but go to sleep within an hour or two at the maximum, with many of us directly going to bed after a hearty dinner. The body metabolism slows down when we sleep and hence the time taken for digestion also gets increased.

The surplus of undigested or unutilised food overburdens not only the digestive system and its various organs, but also the assimilative organs, clogging up the entire body system with toxins, impurities or poisonous materials. Digestion of consuming diet and elimination of toxic and waste materials becomes slower and slower. The functional activities of the entire body system get completely deranged. The onset of various diseases is a mere process of the body in trying to get rid of the impurities from the system. There is only one remedy to cure or heal any disease, which is performing the opposite of the cause of the disease, which is reduction of food intake or resorting to partial or complete fasting. We think that we will become weak and die if we fast for long periods. Actually, very few of us are aware that even the weakest human beings are capable of remaining alive even for a minimum of seven to ten days without eating solid food but living on fruit juices, fruits and easily digestible raw uncooked vegetables. On the other hand, the germs, bacteria and viruses in our body cannot survive that long without proper nourishment and they will wither away and die.

Moreover, when you deprive the body for some time without food, all the organs of elimination in the body, such as the liver, spleen, kidneys bowels, lungs and skin get more opportunity and time to expel the overloaded accumulation of toxins and waste materials from the body without any hampering. Fasting is only a quick and effective method of purification and cure. Fasting helps nature in her constant effort to expel all undesirable foreign matter as well as the wastes that produce diseases in the body. Fasting corrects the faults and corruptions of improper eating and wrong lifestyle. It assists in the regeneration of blood and also repair and regeneration of the different muscles, tissues and cells in the body. This is the basic secret of fasting. We shall continue more details on this crucial subject in nature cure further in our next articles in this series, Master Remedy of Nature Cure is Fasting with Strict Restrictions – Part III and Master Remedy of Nature Cure is Fasting with Strict Restrictions – Part IV.

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