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Home remedies for Dry Lips

What are Dry Lips?

Dry lips are a common problem affecting people at almost any time of the year. Sometimes, dry lips can be painful, uncomfortable as well as embarrassing as they intrude various daily actions such as eating, talking, and smiling. Hence, it is important to get rid of Dry Lips.

Causes of Dry Lips:

Several factors lead to dry lips. Dry weather conditions, deficiency of Vitamin A and B2 in the diet, dehydration, prolong exposure to extreme temperatures and lip biting. Apart from these, infections, winter colds, and flu also cause dry lips.

Home remedies for Dry Lips:

  1. Drink pots of water. Deficiency of water content in the body leads to dryness of both the skin as well as the lips. You need to keep your body hydrated for it to function properly.
  2. Take some petals of rose and drench them in raw like for say one or two hours. Once done, make a paste of that mixture and then apply it on your lips.  Apart from removing the dryness it also helps you to retain the fading pink color of your lips.
  3. Take out the juice of Neem (Melia Azadirachta) leaves and apply it on your lips.
  4. Cucumber slice when rubbed on the dry lips also helps to cure dry lips.
  5. Milk cream when applied on the dry lips removes the dry dead skin from your lips and makes them smooth.
  6. Apply petroleum jelly or lip balm on the lips. This one is one of the simplest yet effective home remedies for dry lips.
  7. Apply some Aloe Vera gel. This not only helps in curing dry lips but also makes your lips smooth.
  8. A mixture of glycerin and rose petals helps retain the moisture and color of the lips as well treat dry lips. The same are the benefits of applying a mixture of glycerin and honey.
  9. Applying castor oil on the lips is also one of the best home remedies that go in treating dry lips.

Apart from using these home remedies, you also need to make some vital changes in your diet. Dry lips are mostly caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin A in the body. Hence, it is necessary for you to increase the intake of Vitamin. Thus, concentrate more on eating foods that are rich in Vitamin A such as carrot, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nutritional yeast, and legumes. So the next time you get dry lips just use these home remedies and see the results.

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