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Home remedies for Depression

What is Depression?

Depression is an illness, which involves the mind, body and thoughts. Don?t confuse it with physical weakness which will go away within days. In fact, it’s a condition, which interferes with our daily routine and causes unnecessary problems in our everyday lives.

Causes of Depression

There are plenty of factors, which cause depression in humans; these mainly include genetic causes, hormonal changes, deficiency of vitamin B complex, stress and trauma, biochemical causes, environmental factors and other physiological disorders such as eating disorders and anxiety disorders.

Home Remedies for Depression

Several home remedies help cure depression. Some of them are as follow:

  1. Rose petals when boiled in water and consumed provide relief from depression.
  2. Eat an apple with honey and milk. It will enlighten your mood and bring you out of depression.
  3. Drinking licorice tea can also treat depression. However, don’t drink it more than three cups.
  4. The powder of Asparagus root is also an effective home remedy that helps cure depression.
  5. A regular immersion bath, when taken for the duration of one hour daily, can also prove beneficial in bringing you out from depression.
  6. Seedpod of the plant Griffonia Simplicifolia known as 5-HTP when consumed while feeling depressed works wonders. Because it produces serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain, which provides relief from depression.
  7. A tea made up of the mixture of basil leaves and sage when consumed also provides relief from depression.
  8. Eating powder of cardamom seeds can also effectively bring you out of depression. Boil the powder in hot water, add some sugar for taste, and then drink the tea two times a day.
  9. Meditation and relaxation are also an efficient cure for depression. Meditation creates a balance in the nervous system, which is vital to curing stress and depression.
  10. A mixture of nutmeg powder and fresh amla juice, when taken three times a day, can quickly bring you out of depression.

Apart from these home remedies, you will also have to make changes to your diet. The diet has a major effect on curing of depression. Hence, resort to a balanced diet as even a slight nutritional deficiency can deteriorate the situation

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I have depression and diabetes both , can you please suggest me diet . I have type1 , my stomach is upset quite frequently .

I liked your site , hope to receive reply , Thank you.


Thanks for sharing such an informative blog.The blog contains information about depression and causes of depresion.The blog also gives home remedies for depression.This blog is really helpful as now a days everyone is suffering from depression so the tips shared in the blog will be useful to many people.

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