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Home remedies and Ayurvedic treatment for Jaundice

Jaundice can be dangerous if not treated promptly. These are early signs of stressed liver and gall bladder. This should be taken seriously and should be treated immediately. Here are few home remedies and ayurvedic medicines to tackle life threatening disease like jaundice.

Jaundice is very common in new born babies. But it can also happen to people of all age groups. It forms yellow tinge in the skin and whitens the eyes. Body fluids may also be yellow. Jaundice is a sign of disorders of the liver and gall bladder. The patient may feel extremely weak and sudden loss of appetite.


 Below are few reasons which cause jaundice.

  • Gallstones can cause jaundice.
  • It also happens when large amount of bilirubin is produced by the breakdown of red cells.
  • Hepatitis or chronic malaria due to liver damage may result to jaundice.

Home remedies for Jaundice:

  • Barley water can be given to patients with diabetes to cure jaundice.
  • 20gms of Triphala powder mixed in a glass of water can be given twice a day.
  • Mix 20ml of fresh neem juice with 20ml of pure honey. Add 3gms of pepper powder to this. This can be taken twice day.
  • Plenty of sugarcane juice can be taken.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Jaundice:

Below medicines are generally recommended by Ayurveda practitioners to treat Jaundice. Although most of the ayurvedic medicines are safe, as many times medicines differe based on body ‘dosha’ type, we highly recommend taking advice from a qualified practitioner before trying taking  below mentioned medicines.

  • Take Livpar 1-2 tab twice a day.
  • 1 tab of Punarnava Mandoor can be taken thrice a day for 2-3 weeks.
  • 125g of Navaras Loh can be given thrice a day.
  • 10ml of jaundex syrup can be given thrice a day along with one tab of Nirocil.


The patient should be hydrated which is most important. Drink plenty of water. You can mix lime juice or grapefruit juice to water. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables. Grapes, lemon, papaya, melons, yam, pumpkin, tomatoes, spinach are good to eat during jaundice. Avoid high calorie food.

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