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Health benefits of waking up early in the morning

Getting up early in the morning has its own perks, at a point of time it may feel like the toughest thing to do, but if go on counting the health benefits it has to offer, it no longer feels that bad. There are many reasons those have made early risers healthy, so next time you hit the snooze button on the alarm clock, try to remember all the benefits you are signing up to lose.

  1. Getting up in the morning relieves you from the whole day of stress

Getting up late in the morning indulge you in a viscous cycle that perpetually led to increased stress levels. Let us have a look at some of the things that can happen if you skip your morning.

  • The moment you woke up late you will be in a hurry to get ready for your college or office.
  • You will skip your breakfast to reimburse for the extra time you spent sleeping.
  • All the activities and tasked you have planned for the day get delayed by a few hours and you have to work extra hours to compensate that.
  • It also affects your eating habits.
  • As you have started your day late you will reach your home late. This will deprive you from spending time with your family. Another effect of late waking is the sleep deprivation.

This viscous cycle keeps on repeating itself inducing both mental and physical stress to the individual. By getting up just a few hours before you will be able to effectively manage your day by getting out of this viscous cycle.

  1. Will get sufficient time to exercise

Many people complain about not getting enough time to exercise, but they forget to find the cause behind it. Waking up late is one of the main causes behind these complains. If you wake up early you will get enough time to exercise or practice Yoga. This will make your day refreshing and you will feel rejuvenated.

  1. Feel more energy by waking up early

Ayurveda recommends getting up about an hour before the sunrise to sync your body cycle with the rise and set of the sun. The time before the sunrise is also known as Brahma Mahurata in Ayurveda, this time is believed to be an auspicious time as significant amount of shift in body levels takes place. This time is characterized by clam and composed surrounding which helps in generating positive vibrations and induces a feeling of relaxation after a good night’s sleep, thus increasing the energy level.

  1. Waking early induces Happiness

While just the energetic feeling induced by the early morning workout has been enough to keep you happy, there are also evidences that suggest early risers are more probable to feel positivity and confidence in their work. A study from the Emotion Journal suggested that keeping the daily routine in synchronization with the sunrise and sunset helps in increasing the happiness.

  1. You will sleep better

It is quite obvious that if you wake up early in the morning and complete your tasks on time you probably will go to bed early. You will feel exhausted with all day’s work and will fall asleep much faster. This will create and sleep schedule for you that will also help in improving quality of your sleep.

  1. Will possess a lower depression risk

According to a study published with the Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, the people who goes late for sleeping were 3 times more susceptible to experience depression than the people who rises early in the morning. This also concludes that people who keeps working late at night are more vulnerable to negative thoughts which in turn elevate the chances of depression. Getting up late also reduces the significant amount of time available to you. Lost time will make you feel that you are no more in the control. People who wake up late are often unconfident because of the unplanned work logs. When you will go to bed you will not feel the satisfaction and hence will eventually lead to depression.

  1. Waking early increases productivity

Researches have shown that the morning time is one of the most productive time of the day. Your brain has already received the required rest and is all ready to work again. All the neurons and connections have been recharged and are all set to function. Mentally morning time allows you to think faster. You are more focused during the morning time.

If you are an avid follower of the phrase ‘Early to bed and early to rise’ then most of your important tasks will get over by first half of the day. You will get enough time for other tasks and will feel the positivity around you.

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