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A detailed view on body types from an Ayurvedic point of view

Ayurveda has a lot of significance in the history of mankind. It has given the human mind and body a lot of importance. According to Ayurveda, the nature displayed by human beings is called the “Prakriti”. A combination of the three doshas (namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha) defines the Prakriti or the characteristics of the human being.

Doshas are the three energies present in our body governing the physiological activity. In Sanskrit, dosha is anything that contaminates. In simple words, unhealthy and disease-causing factors within the body are called doshas.

Knowing your dosha helps in understanding the basic physical and psychological nature of an individual to create a well-customized diet for a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has a unique dosha as per their biological mechanisms. Understanding your dosha well is often the key to a healthy life.

Every human being has variable degrees of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in uneven distribution. It’s rare to find someone with an even distribution of the three doshas. But although we have the three doshas, we are ruled by one dominant dosha in our body.

Vata Dosha:

People with Vata dosha show immense physical as well as emotional traits.

  • They are very active, restless as well as energetic because of their quick metabolism.
  • They are skinny with little muscle development and projected joints.
  • Their habits are irregular and erratic, with extreme cravings and desires.
  • They are the light sleeper with a quick and irregular pulse and are prone to sleep disorders.
  • They are impulsive and very careless about financial matters (which is evident to their restless nature).
  • They demonstrate high creative thinking, quick learning abilities, and innovation.
  • They are introverts, emotional, shy, and modest, lacking in confidence.

Pitta Dosha:

People with the pitta dosha are mainly aggressive with fiery (Agni) elemental character.

  • They are of the medium body type, with good muscular development with soft, warm skin. They are prone to skin diseases, rashes, sunburn, premature greying and hair loss.
  • Their desires and needs are robust in nature.
  • They are gentle sleeper with a powerful and stable heartbeat.
  • They are the extrovert ones and always desire to be the centre of attraction.
  • They are good at managing their emotions but sometimes they become irritable and stressed. They are aggressive, bold and determined, and are leaders.
  • They are good at handling their finances.

Kapha Dosha:

People with a dominant Kapha dosha tend to have a solid or massive build physically.

  • They are overweight and have high muscle development with thick and moist skin is thick.
  • They have a moderate or low craving for food with slow digestion.
  • They are slow and organized, with lots of endurance.
  • They are the very sound sleeper with a slow and steady pulse.
  • They are good and stable in the financial department.
  • They are tolerating and forgiving, with average intelligence.

They are particularly good with people.

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