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All about beating Depression in a Natural way

Depression idepressions a silent killer. While medically it is defined as “the state of depressed mood pertaining to the negative thoughts in a person”, for a layman the definition can be “a state of lessened mental and physical activity owing to a particular thought, which is usually negative”.

One of the lesser known facts about depression is that prolonged state of depression can lead to noncurable psychiatric disorder. In other words, depression can be said as the initial stage of mental illness. Out of the many reasons that stand against this particular disease, the most intense one is the disruption of the normal lifestyle of an individual. Usually, many people do not easily adapt to a new change in their routine life or even can’t tolerate any change in their environment; be it physical or psychological. What makes the situation worse is their inability to share this feeling with anyone. Highlighting briefly on the various causative factors of depression:

  • A disastrous trauma
  • A severe injury to head due to an accident
  • Witness to some heinous crimes
  • Loneliness
  • Old age
  • Misappropriate diet
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Lack of conjugal happiness
  • Hereditary inheritance
  • Menstrual cycle changes in case of females

There are many ways for combating this disorder also. Medical science has been showing a profound increase in the number of medicines for correcting this disorder. However, chemical ingredients have their own side effects too! There are many alternative ways apart from the synthetic drugs. One of the most viable and effective approaches is through natural ways. These alternative ways, being devoid of chemicals, work wonder in curing mental sickness. Few important points are jotted below:

  • “Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise”. This well-known English proverb has ample of importance in curing the depression state of an individual. Breathing fresh air and walking amidst the peaceful, serene environment of sunrise soothes the body and mind of an individual.
  • Eating a balanced diet is one of the prerequisites towards healing mental depression. There are many notable factors associated with this: eating at the right time, including the sufficient nutrients in the right proportion in every meal, inclusion of omega3fatty acids and exclusion of caffeine in the diet.
  • At least once and maximum up to thrice try to take mood enhancing supplements in a day. There are different mood enhancing or stimulating agents available like S-adenosyl-L-methionine, Folic acid, etc. It is to be remembered that green tea is one of the most effective mood stimulators that is naturally found.

Apart from these methods, there are different other approaches through which this depression mental condition can be cured. For example, Ayurvedic treatment, flower treatment (aroma treatment), proper counseling, etc. in addition to these treatments, it is the duty as an individual and as a society as a whole, to help people come out of this depression state. If you witness any person with such disease, then do not hesitate to take a step forward for helping the individual. Even if you have any individual within your family suffering from depression, make sure not to leave the person alone and more importantly do not provoke the person and try to avoid the cause of depression for the person.

Remember, while medicines act as a supplement, family support, love, and care are the primary ingredients for curing this disorder.


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Hi sir/madam I m 33 years old and I have lower back pain I feel tired always and my weight is75 kg . I have constipation and I suffer from Anxiety. I have taken medications for depression also. Please advice me some health tips and lifestyle changes so that I can follow . thank you

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