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Ayurvedic treatment for Sneezing

Sneezing is an automated act of the body’s defense system to throughout unwanted element in the respiratory path. During sneezing automatically mouth gets closed so that air can be directed through the nose cleaning the respiratory path. If someone is sneezing occasionally it can’t be treated as a disease.

In fact, some kind of irritation in the mucous membrane of the nose results in sneezing.  When sneezing becomes repetitive it becomes a concern.

Certain kind of food like curd, banana, ice cream, cold water aggravate this condition. Allergy is often the reason behind repetitive sneezing.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sneezing:

Haridrakhanda is one of the most prescribed medicine by Ayurvedic doctors worldwide. One teaspoonful of this powder is given to the patient 4 times a day with a cup of hot milk or warm water. A deep inhalation of Shadabindu taila or anu taila is found helpful in treating sneezing.

It is observed that patients suffer from sneezing are also affected by constipation. Agastya Rasayana is a drug of choice to keep the bowl clean in this condition. This can be given 2-3 teaspoonful at bedtime with a cup of warm milk or water.This medicine can be continued even after the sneezing stops to prevent re-occurrence of sneezing.

Diet: All kind of cold things like iced tea, iced water, ice cream, cold drinks are completely prohibited. Curd, Banana, fried things should be avoided. Turmeric, garlic, black pepper, are helpful herbs to get rid of sneezing. 10 cloves of garlic is extremely helpful to treat this disease quickly. If you don’t like the smell of garlic, fry with ghee or butter and have it daily. Take leafy and fibrous  vegetables in sufficient quantity to keep constipation away.

Try to avoid head bath especially in cold water. This will have a negative impact on the treatment. Don’t expose the patient to cold air, weather, rain etc.Dust and smoke are harmful to the patient.

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25 replies on “Ayurvedic treatment for Sneezing”

yes. Freequent and repeated sneezing may also effect brain function, ear function badly. Such as memmory loss. And also tension and bad health ma yprovoke heavy sneezing. I think heat aswell as cold may cause sneezing . By nazeer pengattiri india. Researcher

I am suffering from sinus allergy for along time. At morning so many sneezing comes continuesly. Air of fan also effected immediately and sneezing comes and running nose. Please advise concern aruvedic med.

Dr ,I am sneezing like a hell & suffering from breathless problem it seems like cough blocked in my lungs. please help with some home remedies for sneezing problem.
My age is 80 years.


Dr, i m 25yrs and married, i hv dust and smoke allergy. so early morning i get sneezing continuously. due to cold usually my nose will blocked and sometimes everyday.. plz tell me some medicines

Sweta ji
Can u tell me that your sneezing problem solved or not i am also suffering from same problem if u r free than please tell me medicine that u take.

Dear Sir,
I am 51 years old. I am suffering dust, smoke allergy last several years . When I feeling cold, i get sneezing continuously and nose will block. Please advised me some medicines.

Hi ,

Am suffering from cold running nose and sneeze.Especially after taking bath it will be heavy.

No particular time of occurring in a day, it happens suddenly and sneezing count goes up to 10.

My life has miserable because of sneezing and bad thing is that my left ribs are paining so much each n every time i sneeze.Even for small cough/sneeze also i should hold ribs sightly by bending myself.

Please suggest me Ayurveda medicines for the above.

Thanking in you advance .

Sneezing problem may be due to some allergy. Particularly in Mansoon days I start sneezing a lot, whole day with runny nose. What is the best medicine / treatment for this.



I regularly suffer from cold and sneezing. Many times all this started when i wake up..after cold ususally headache starts….any thing having fragrance cause me cold then certain irritation in throat..m very disturbd from dis regular cold..plz suggest me ayurvedic medicine to cure this..i will be very thankful to you.

I am suffering from sneezing allergies. I want to cure completely please help me. I’m from Allahabad, UP

sir i am suffering from sneezing and constipation since last six year, and it is worsening day by day. recently one of my nerves was damaged and my face tilted buz of excessive cold i recovered from that but this regular sneezing and constipation made my life hell. am 24 and want to get rid from both this problem comptly.

Hi ,
Am suffering from cold running nose and sneeze.Especially after bed in the morning .
No particular time of occurring in a day, it happens suddenly and sneezing count goes up to 10.
My life has miserable because of sneezing .
I am feeling very bad during the day and during office meetings.
Please suggest me Ayurveda medicines for the above.
Thanking in you advance .

hello doctor,

Am suffering from sneeze multiple time in a days. sneezing while wake up from bed more than 5 times then after bath and then bike riding time after getting even normal drinking water etc…. before 6 month consulted with allopathy doctor told dust allergy but is not a problem but take medicine for life time . so am not taken medicine from allopathy. i would like to take medicine from ayurvedic . so pls advice best one …. i am living in tirupur .

Suffering from chronic sneezing and cold problem. So far avoiding all cold foods and dairy products . doing pranayam and yoga regularly but no relief . Kindly suggest

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