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Ayurvedic treatment for Psoriasis

Ayurvedic treatment for PsoriasisThis is a kind of skin disease with silvery grey scaling or flakes. It is seen that usually it affects knees and elbow parts of the body, but it might affect any part of the body. In Ayurveda, this is usually known as eka-kushtha. As per Ayurveda psoriasis is the result of contaminated blood and/or emotional factor.

Patients feel severe irritation on the affected part and when they scratch the skin, flakes come out and a silver grey skins become visible. Sometimes because of violent scratching, blood may come out from the affected parts which produce a burning sensation.

Ayurvedic Treatment:

In this condition Ayurvedic doctors usually prescribe Kushtha Rakshada Taila for external application. In most of the cases, this is found to be highly effective. This oil can be applied on and around the patches when ever patient feel like scratching.

Gugulu Tiktaka Ghrita also another Ayurvedic Medicine of choice which is given to the patient for internal application. It helps in correcting constipation, improves digestion and purifies the blood. One teaspoonful of this medicine can be given to the patient twice daily on an empty stomach with a cup of milk. The dose can be increased to 6 teaspoonfuls gradually when patients become comfortable to the medicine.

Chanda Maruta is another Ayurvedic Medicine which is prescribed to the patient to treat Psoriasis. 125mg of this medicine can be given to the patient twice daily mixed with honey on empty stomach. It is advisable to take care before prescribing medicine for Psoriasis because of the mild toxic nature of the ingredients used in the medicines.


Avoid any kind of hot and spicy food. Salt and curd should be avoided. Bitter gourd, bitter varieties of drumstick and all other bitter food are very useful in this condition. Flowers of neem tree are really helpful in treating Psoriasis.

Try to use only cotton fabrics. Nylon and synthetic fabrics aggravates this condition. Try not to scratch with nails. Whenever patient feels like scratching, he/she may use Kushtha Rakshasa Taila on the affected skin.

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i will try above written medicine for the period of 10 days,if i satisfied then u suggest me that how many days i will taken.

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