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Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Have you not heard of a saying “We don’t get fat because we overeat; we overeat because we are getting fat”. This is what happens with obese people.

Obesity is not a trivial problem to be ignored. It actually reduces life expectancy by a quarter. Obesity is actually a mental condition, a disease brought on by monotony. In this modern age, you can find people eating more of junk foods and doing no exercise.

People like spending most of their time in front of television. Life is prolifically tied up with so many responsibilities that people hardly find time for proper food or daily exercise.

Weight can be managed only by two ways, eat healthy and exercise daily. One cannot expect miracle to happen without doing anything. You want to lose your weight and be healthy, cut down carbohydrates in your food. Exercise hard to melt down the cholesterol accumulated in your body. Apart from food and exercise there are also some natural home remedies that can help you with weight reduction. weight-loss

Home Remedies provide you natural ways to lose weight at affordable price. A regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet are the key requirements in weight loss treatment. But most of us don’t find time for it.

Obese people generally end up spending all their money for weight loss treatments while weight loss can be achieved through natural Home Remedies.

There are many success stories of weight loss, people share online. If you have no time for exercise in your busy life schedule, then you can use Home Remedies for weight loss.

Few Home Remedies for weight loss:

  1.  A glass of warm water with 1 spoon honey can do wonders on your body. Try this every day to get noticeable results.
  2. If you are looking for faster results, try having lemon juice every day morning in empty stomach. Add black salt for taste.
  3. Eat salads prepared from tomato and onion with a meal daily. You can use salt and lemon juice extract in the salad for better results.
  4. Prepare a Decoction of Geloy / Guduchi (Tinaspora cordifolia) and Triphala. Drink this Decoction with a spoonful of natural honey to lose weight.
  5. Make a decoction of Triphala, Trikatu (Mixture of equal amounts of Kali Mirchi, Pippali and Adrak) and Trimad (Combination of Nagarmotha, chitrak and bidang/ biabidang). Drink this decoction by mixing Guggul (Indian Bedellium) which helps in weight loss treatment.
  6. Tea prepared from fresh Mint leaves helps in weight loss.
  7. Bitter gourd and bitter drumsticks are vegetables that are very useful in weight loss.
  8. Increase the quantity of fresh fruits, vegetables and low calorie food.
  9. Drink pineapple juice or slice it and eat it daily for good results.
  10. Milk products like cheese, butter and meat products which contain more fat should be avoided.
  11. Regular consumption of carrot juice is very helpful.
  12. Flax Seeds helps to maintain proper body weight.
  13. Too much intake of salt can result in body weight.
  14. Regular intake of Green tea can help in weight loss. Green tea contains high anti oxidant properties. This helps to improve metabolism and hence burn fat.
  15. Herbs like Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Ginger helps in weight loss.
  16. Add Asparagus into your diet. Asparagus is rich in nutrient and fiber content. This helps to cut back appetite.

Drink at least 8 ounces of water every day. Sleep at night without any worries or stress. By getting the right amount of sleep, you are actually making sure that your body systems are working fine and this can lead to more chances of weight loss.

Weight is not everything. Being fit and healthy is more important than being extraordinarily thin. The most important of all, don’t underestimate stress as a cause for weight gain. Your body will not perform any functions like burning fat for energy when under stress. So just relax, chill down and love your body to see what magic happens.

Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above to lose your unhealthy body fat and get a fit, attractive body in a natural way.

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