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Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Treating Gout

Do you have frequent pain or swelling or severe tenderness or redness or irritation in your joints?

Did you consult a doctor or tried to find out with your friends or closed ones, why it is happening or have you ignored it thinking it might never happen again?

Before you conclude it’s not going to happen again, let me now familiarize you with the word GOUT.

Gout also known as Podagra is a disease that is characterized by frequent attacks of minor inflammatory arthritis. In Ayurveda it is known as vatrakt. These attacks happen again and again till Gout is treated.

Gout can cause severe pain in the joints. It usually affects big toe but it can also attack other body parts like ears, small joints on hands, wrists, ankles or knees. Gout is very common problem in most men.

Gout is caused due to high content of uric acid in blood. Uric acid forms hard crystals and deposits in your joints, tendons and nearby tissues. People whose lifestyle has too much alcohol intake, is obese, consumes lot of meat and fish are at high risk of getting Gout. Medicines like water pills or diuretics can also lead to Gout.

To lessen the pain due to Gout attack, first rest the joint that troubles and then you can take any anti-inflammatory medicines to make you feel better. However, do not take aspirin as it can increase uric acid level in your blood worsening Gout. The best thing to do is to try some ayurvedic home remedies that are safe and very effective in natural healing of Gout.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for treatment of Gout;

  • Take 2-3 freshly peeled garlic and swallow it with water every morning in empty stomach.
  • Take 10 rose petals and boil it in 4 tablespoon vinegar until it turns into an ointment. Apply this on the affected joint for relief.
  • Mix equal quantity of fenugreek seeds powder, turmeric powder and dried ginger root powder. Take 1 teaspoon of this powder with water every day twice.
  • Cherries have anti-inflammatory properties and are very good in treating Gout. Every day eat 15 – 20 cherries or try to drink 1 glass of cherry juice to reduce the pain and irritation due to Gout.
  • Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory property as well as its acidic nature helps in treating pain due to Gout. Daily drink 1 glass of water mixed with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to relieve pain.
  • Bananas are the most powerful fruit that can treat Gout as it contains high content of potassium which helps in converting uric acid crystals to liquid form. Eating at least 2 bananas every day helps you to remove uric acid content from your body giving you better relief from Gout.
  • Ginger helps in reducing swelling and irritation due to Gout. Eating ginger raw or in dried form helps you in relieving pain. Daily drink 1 glass of water mixed with 1 teaspoon of ginger powder.
  • Vitamin C is a rich anti oxidant which helps in neutralizing excess uric acid levels in people suffering from Gout. Lemon is a fruit which is rich in Vitamin C. Drink lemon juice made with half lemon and water twice a day for relief from pain and swelling.
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Water can help you in reducing the uric acid content in your blood.
  • Eat grapes as grapes are alkaline in nature and this can help to reduce acidity of uric acid.
  • To reduce the pain and swelling due to Gout, you can try to soak your joints in water or allow running cold water to fall on the affected area. This will give you a temporary relief from pain and irritation.

Spare a thought on what you eat or drink as it can affect your health. Eat food that are nutrient rich as well as it controls your weight. Avoid daily intake of meat, seafood and alcohol. Try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and other fluids. The change in your diet and lifestyle is going to be best remedy to prevent Gout.

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