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Watery Eyes and its Treatment through Simple Home Remedies

There is a saying “Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it.” So when a person has tears flowing down his/her cheek, do you think that they are pouring their hearts griefs?

Actually that might be a person whose is actually not crying but has a disease which is called as Watery eyes or Ephiphora.

A watery eye is a condition in which a person has constant watering of eyes or overflow of tears. Watery eyes happen due to excessive tear production or poor drain of tears through nasolacrimal system.

  • Too much tears condition or overflow of tears – This happens due to irritation or inflammation of the surface of the eye. The reason can also be eyelash and eyelids defects or allergies. Too much dryness in the eye can also cause Watery eyes as dryness in eye causes irritation and so eyes starts watering.
  • Poor tear drainage – This happens due to the incapability of eyes drainage channel to drain the amount of tears formed. The reason for it can be due to blocked drainage channel, narrow or defective tear drainage opening [puncta] or lax eyelids.

Tears are important for eyes as they help to lubricate and removes particles from eyes which in turn helps in protecting our eyes and helping in clear vision. There might be little blurriness and irritation in eyes as an excess film is formed as a result of Watery eyes. This is not a critical disease, however this can cause uneasiness. It is better to get it treated than allowing it to keep watering.

There are different reasons why a person can get Watery eyes. The reasons might be allergies, blockage of duct, presence of foreign particles or infections or conjunctivitis. Nasal cavity problems and sinuses can also cause Watery eyes. This disease is very common in older people. However, you can also find cases of narrow tear duct in infants which can cause Watery eyes.

People with Watery eyes suffers irritation or severe itching in the eyes, burning sensation, pain, swelling, eyes becoming red, can become sensitive to light, etc. Watery eyes not treated for long can cause eyes to strain and this leads to pain.

The best advice for all is to prevent these diseases from coming than seeking for cure. You can prevent it by wearing eye glasses with protective films that helps in safe guarding your eyes in sun. It is normal to meet people when you go out, better to stay away from allergens or things that can start allergic reactions. Itching and rubbing eyes is one of the reason eyes get infected. As far as possible, do not itch or rub your eyes. Try to wash your hands properly before touching your eyes. Your hands can also transmit allergies picked up from someone.

There are some simple and effective home remedies for treating Watery eyes.

  • Always try to keep your eye clean from stickiness. Soak a towel in warm water and keep it on your eyes.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Try to drink lots of water in a day. Water is very important to keep your body hydrated and for correct production of tear.
  • Soak 2 teaspoon of roughly grounded coriander seeds in 1 cup of warm water. Next morning, strain it and collect only the water. Divide this water into 2 portions. In empty stomach have the strained water with little sugar. Other portion can be used as drops for eyes. Putting 3-4 drops twice a day is very good for eyes.
  • Cut cucumber into slices and place it on your eye lid. It gives a cooling and relaxing effect to eyes and hence reduces the strain and burning sensation of eyes. Drinking cucumber juice can also provide similar effect.
  • Apply homemade kajal to the eyes to cool and relax muscles.
  • Take an ice cube and massage over the eye lids. This helps in cooling the eyes.
  • Take pulp of aloevera and apply it on the eye lids.
  • Apply paste made of fresh podina leaves or coriander leaves to the scalp to experience cooling effect on the eyes.
  • Apply pulp of hibiscus on the scalp to relieve from the burning sensation of eyes.
  • Soak methi seeds in water for overnight. Consume the soaked methi for a good result from Watery eyes.
  • Soak dried raisins in milk overnight and consume it next morning empty stomach. This helps in the relief from burning sensation.

Watery eyes have to be treated else your eyes will be too much strained leading to impaired vision and other issues. Eyes are very important organ for all of us and so we have to take good measures to ensure its safety and protection. There is so much pollution outside the house even then you can’t stay indoors all the time. However, when you go out, give a thought for your beautiful and sensitive eyes and do take measures for its safety from the outside world.

4 replies on “Watery Eyes and its Treatment through Simple Home Remedies”

My baby is 2.5 months old and I suspect that the tear duct of his left eye is blocked because his eye is watery most of the times and filled with yellowish sticky material.
So,is there any auyurvedic treatment for his eye.

I am suffering from the problem of watery eyes from the last year, it starts with the change of seasons later on the problem is continuing. right eye has more tears than the left one.
I have taken many allophonic medicines but the problem remains the same even after the treatment of syringing.
Kindly suggest some medicine.

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