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Yoga for longevity and enhancing quality of life

The notion of enhancing the quality of life and longevity are the main reasons for which majority of people practice yoga. In this contemporary world, the desire to lead a healthy and longer life is what makes people get going, and hence they keep looking at ways that will help them to live a healthy life. Yoga makes us capable of controlling more than one thing at a particular time which is known as three-dimensional awareness which is nothing but an expression of the quality of human life.

How yoga can help increase the longevity and ensure quality life

The primary stages of yoga contribute towards body optimization by eliminating the toxic substances and by diverting your mind away from harmful addictions such as liquor and smoking. By practicing pranayama, yoga leads to the enlightenment of the body and reduces the burden of the body which leads to various diseases.

Yoga has several powers known as ‘Siddhis’ which are the products of our mind and it is our mind which has control over the different things we do. These siddhis that come with the practice of yoga help us to have a better control of mind and hence we can live in peace. These powers thereby reduce the stress and anxiety that comes from external forces and make us free from any stress problems and in turn save us from any illnesses and diseases.

The Bikram yoga poses, also known as hot yoga which when practiced circulates fresh blood throughout the body and revitalizes every system of the body. It stimulates the nerves and glands of the body and gives an instant sensation of calmness and well-being. The poses practiced in Bikram yoga also increase the levels of concentration, provide peace of mind and many other benefits which one or the other way contribute towards a better functioning of the body and keep away diseases and hence increase the quality of your life.

Considering all these factors, we can say that yoga is the sum and substance of longevity and plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy so that we can lead a quality life. So to sum up, practicing yogic poses and especially the breathing exercises help us to remain healthy and hearty and contribute towards the well-being and increase the longevity and quality of life.