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Home remedies for Headaches and Migraines

A Headache is pain in the upper neck or head. The brain does not have nerves or tissues that can give wake to pain sensations. So the region surrounding the brain starts paining and this is called a headache.

The periosteum that is near the muscles which surround the skull become inflamed and causes the pain.

Migraine or headache can be caused due to:

  • Stress : Physical or emotional
  • Smoking: passive or active
  • Fasting or skipping meals
  • Alcohol
  • Intense Stress and tension
  • Chocolate, banana, onions, nuts and dairy products can cause headaches
  • Irregular sleep
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • Food having tyramine (smoked fish, figs, chicken livers, red wine) and nitrates (salami, bacon and hot dogs)
  • Weather can be a big cause. Change in temperatures, high humidity and intense sun can be a reason.
  • Oversleeping can cause headaches. Migraine patients have to stick to regular sleep hours.
  • Caffeine intake can cause headaches. If you have coffee and then get a headache after two hours, it may be due to Caffeine withdrawal.
  • Some people get headaches due to gluten consumption. Stop eating it and if you feel better it means that you were allergic to it.
  • Staying in one position for a very long time
  • Clenching one’s jaw

home remedies for headaches and migraines

Some Home Remedies


Use ginger to make your tea, this will relieve the headache

  • Boil ginger in water and inhale the vapor to feel better in a headache
  • Chew crystallized ginger candy, two pieces to relieve the headache.
  • Mix ginger and lemon juice; consume this to lessen your ache
  • Apply a paste containing ginger paste and water on your forehead to feel better.

Mint Juice:Mint is known for anti-pruritic and antiseptic properties. Mentoneand Menthol and its components and can keep you away from headaches. Place mint tea compresses on the forehead to relieve a headache.

Peppermint Oil:This helps close and open the blood vessels that make the blood flow better and quicker. Massage on your head with peppermint oil on your temples and forehead to feel better.

Basil: Basil has the property of relaxing the muscles so can help ease the muscles in case of a headache due to stress.

home remedies for headaches and migraines

Lavender Oil: our some lavender oil in hot water and inhale the vapor to treat your headache. You can also apply it on the forehead to get relief from headache.

Ice Pack: Use and ice-pack on the back of your neck and you will find relief. You can also use a cloth dipped in ice-cold water to get rid of a headache.

Rosemary: Crush rosemary and sage leaves and add it to boiling water to make herbal tea. Drink this tea, after making it cold.

Clove: Crush some cloves and fold in a handkerchief, inhale the smell until you feel better from the headache. Make a paste of the cloves and apply on your headache to feel better.

Cinnamon: Grind cinnamon and mix with water to make a paste. Apply this paste on your forehead.