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Lets grow old like growing up, in a healthy way

Growing old is an unavoidable part of life.But the sad part of growing old is it bring many health problems along with it if one is not careful from the beginning. Several health and lifestyle tips can help to grow old with grace and endeavor to stay fit.Below are few points which will help in reduce the side effects of growing old.

  1. A healthy and regular exercise routine is surely a great way to stay fit till death. It also keeps the body system rejuvenated throughout the life. Do exercise regularly as you take food from the beginning. Spening a Little time everyday day on exercises can provide million dollar health throughout life.
  2. Taking proper food is next step for a better living. Try to avoid all kind of fast food and junk food. Avoid too spicy and masala food. Reduce oil as much as you can. Take a lot of water and green vegetables., this will help your body to remain hydrated.
  3. Sun bath is beneficial for your health. Take the bothe in the early morning to avoid any side effects like UV rays.
  4. Never overeat. Keep in mind that we live here in the world not to eat, rather we eat to live. Over eating will affect your body and digestive system badly in a long run.
  5. Amla is a nice naturally available fruit which contains lot of Vitamin C, which helps in keeping your heart healthy for longer. It also helps your hair to stay young for longer.It is also considered as a helping agent to keep your body system immune to all kind of diseases.Take Amla regularly as diet.
  6. Curd which is made up of milk is considered as an excellent food for the intestine. It also helps in longevity.
  7. Honey is also an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals to keep the body healthy during old age.

These are few tips for a healthier life forever. But never forget that mind is the source of all kind of diseases. The first thing you should do is keep your mind busy and clean. Below are few tips for a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Listen to slow music when you are free. This helps in relaxing the mind and building a positive attitude.
  2. Reading is an excellent way to keep the mind busy and active. Remember Idle mind is Devil’s Workshop. Keep your mind busy as much as possible to keep it away from making it a devil’s workshop.
  3. Start some hobbies. Gardening, painting, drawing are few of the hobbies which will bring happiness and keep you busy.
  4. Spend quality time with spiritual groups like Satsang, religious practices, and meditation.
  5. Spend time with young; this will make you feel young.