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Get rid of body odor

Body odor is a common problem usually in the summer season when skin sweats to reduce body temperature. In sweat, there are various biological ingredients which lead to body odor. Body odor if not treated properly can arise embarrassing situations in social life.

Following are few tips one can follow to get rid of body odor or to minimize the effect of it.

  1. Use a good quality, nice smelling soap with antibacterial properties regularly for bathing. Use a deodorant preferably after the bath and use clean cotton clothes.
  2. A few drops of rose water or tea tree oil in the bathing water add long lasting freshness.
  3. Proper diet has a favorable effect on reducing body odor, as research says that the food type is directly connected to body odor. Avoid processed food and too much of red meat.It is also found that frequent use of garlic, cumin and masala might lead to foul smell.Alcohol and tobacco aggravate body odor problem. Try to avoid these kinds of food.
  4. Drink lot of water so that body remain hydrated. It is also found that less water results in concentrated sweat and thereby increasing body odor. Take a lot of green vegetables and juice.
  5. Applying baking soda on underarms has excellent benefits in absorbing sweat and killing bacteria.
  6. Wheatgrass along with a glass of water in the empty stomach is a proven remedy to reduce body odor.
  7. Apple cider vinegar and white vinegar can be applied on underarms to reduce body odor.