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Alcoholism: Know more about it

Alcohol addiction is one of the most types of addictions all across the world. Alcoholism is a condition wherein a person cannot live his/her normal life without consuming alcohol. This condition or disease can be physical or psychological. It is very common these days and can be harmful for life in a lot of cases. It doesn’t only harm the person consuming alcohol, but also his family and society.

In certain societies which are more liberal, this condition is more prevalent. In America, it is believed that around 13% of the people face some kind of alcohol dependence or abuse. People consuming alcohol become dependent on it and the process of de-addiction is sometimes more difficult than in cases of heroin or drugs.

When someone consumes alcohol, the initial problems arise with the individual’s health. Initially, the effects are that people cannot perform their work properly and also can’t meet social and family expectations. It becomes a big problem for people who are addicted to alcohol and drive or operate heavy machines. Alcoholism can even cause legal issues and can damage or effect relations with family members and damage the society in the big picture.alcoholism

When people try to withdraw themselves from the habit, there are symptoms like vomiting, anxiety, seizures and sweating etc. One finds it impossible to cut-down on the intake or stop oneself from consuming it.

Treatment for getting rid of alcoholism depends on how severe the problem is; accordingly, one can reduce the intake or abstain from alcohol completely.Two major ways of fighting the problem are Therapy and Counseling. The support of loved ones and family also plays a major role.


  • The person continues to consume alcohol, knowing the ill-effects of his/her family and career
  • Initially drinks start as a recreation, but eventually, it becomes a habit and then people start drinking alone.
  • People become violent and extremely emotional after drinking.
  • They become hostile when someone confronts them with the situation.
  • People cannot restrict their drinking habits or make it moderate.
  • Cannot meet their commitments like work, college and family responsibilities.
  • They start neglecting hygiene and how they look
  • Neglect their food habits and diet.
  • People hide and consume alcohol
  • They feel like consuming alcohol every day.
  • They usually shiver in the morning and feel uneasy due to alcohol intake in the night.
  • There may be memory loss in some cases or blackouts.
  • The Liver can start showing up problems
  • Depression and unhappiness in case they don’t get to drink


The causes of alcoholism may not be typical as it is a habit and not a disease. People become dependent on alcohol. If Men consume 15 beer bottles in a week or women consume the same quantity then there are high risks of alcoholism. Even if someone consumes five or more than five drinks in a week, they are at high risk of being in trouble.


The treatment depends on factors like dependence levels. If a person consumes too much alcohol, but is not dependent on it, abstinence can help or they can cut-down on the intake. In cases where there is an absolute dependence on alcohol, the patient may have to quit the intake completely. It is very difficult to achieve this goal as the patient has to understand and accept how big the problem is. Quitting alcohol will also bring some initial health issues and withdrawal symptoms.  The support of family and friends is a must. Someone has to control and supervise the patient and tell him/her not to consume alcohol at all.

Some home remedies are also present to fight the problem; however, these are majorly involving lifestyle changes and modifications.

  • Yoga: It helps to be physically fit, at the same time it relaxes the patient. Helps to fight stressful conditions.
  • Meditation: It helps you focus much better and strengthens your willpower. One can focus more on goals and feel more relaxed.
  • Counseling: Family counseling is very important as it helps the near ones cope up better and they understand the problems of the patient. Their support and encouragement becomes vital in getting the outcome
  • Psychological Treatment: After consuming alcohol, an individual can face emotional problems, anxiety and mood-swings. Treatment of the cause can be quite effective.

Diet for Alcoholism

There is no specific diet for them; however a change in diet can help bring improvements. Consumption of alcohol causes problem for the lever. Cancer in the liver or liver cirrhosis can also happen. A healthy diet can help delay the onset of such problems. A healthy diet also helps protect the patient and makes his body stronger and better immunity to fight any such health conditions.

  • Have a lot of vegetable and fruits, have a lot of oranges, kiwi, peaches and carrots. Include green leafy vegetables and food with lots of Vitamin E and C.
  • Have a lot of Lean meat like chicken, turkey and fish. This increases the protein intake. Lentils and soya bean are also a good source of protein.
  • One should consume Brown Rice, whole wheat pasta and Oats.


Quitting alcohol is the only half battle won, not getting into the habit again is even more difficult. There are organizations helping the cause of quitting alcoholism. The experiences of people and the journey towards quitting alcohol in a lot of cases show that quitting alcohol is difficult but not impossible.