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Surprising Home Remedies to Fight Depression

“Depression is like a war. You either win or die trying”

Do you often feel that being silent from outside you are shouting and screaming inside? Do you feel like you can’t do anything? Are you tired of fighting with yourself to overcome your concerns and move on with life?

Well, you are in a state of Depression! Don’t panic, there are some simple and amazing home remedies to help you overcome Depression.

Depression is an emotional breakdown or illness that can be treated. Depression is that state of mind where one individual feels very sad, low, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable and restless. A person who is in Depression starts losing interest in everything, stops eating or does not eat properly, some even start eating more than usual, lacks concentration, they even get a thought to commit suicide, feels restless cannot sleep, etc.

Anxiety, stress, tension, sometimes deficiency of vitamin B complex and drug addiction are some factors that can lead to Depression. According to ayurveda, Depression can be caused due to two main reasons.

  • Due to imbalance in any of three doshas
  • Unawareness of one’s inner self

It is usually observed that Depression is caused due to imbalance of Kapha dosha. This further leads to imbalance of Vata and Pitta dosha which leads to improper functioning of nervous system causing Depression.

For some, Depression might be due to problems in relationships, divorce, death of a loved one, sudden loss of job, etc. It is very difficult to understand the state of mind of a person in such situations. They can start feeling lonely and left out, trying to hide from people or self. All situations in life can be handled if we can keep our mind open and follow some simple steps when we start to feel depressed.

You can overcome Depression by following few steps like –

  • The best thing to do is to find out the reason for Depression and try to come out of it. Life is not worth wasting and worrying over it.
  • Try to go out, make new friends or hang out with your old good friends. This way you forget what was stuck in your head a while ago.
  • Having a positive approach to life can be more beneficial than expected. Positive approach can boost your energy by giving a whole new look to the same problem.
  • Eat healthy nutrient rich food that can have a positive effect on your mind.
  • Try to do some exercises like yoga, meditation, breathing which can help relax your mind and body.
  • Listening to your favorite music can help you forget everything and concentrate on music. You can even end up dancing which will change your mood.
  • Smoking, drinking and drugs are the ones that can put you to Depression. Avoid such dreadful habits which can only cause more damage than any help.

There are also some simple home remedies that can help you overcome Depression.

  • Take 3-4 cardamom seeds and grind it well to form fine powder. Take 1/2 teaspoon of this powder and mix it with 1 glass of water. Strain the water and drink it every day.
  • Take 4-5 Indian gooseberries or amla. Cut them, remove the seeds and pound them well to form a paste. Extract the juice of amla from the paste. Take 2 teaspoon of amla juice and add 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg powder. Mix them well and drink it 2 times a day.
  • Take some cashew nuts and powder them well. Take 1 teaspoon of cashew nut powder and add it to 1 cup of warm milk. Mix them well and drink it every day.
  • Take 2 tablespoon brahmi or ashwagandha powder. Mix it in 1 glass water and drink it 2 times a day.
  • Take some fresh rose petals and add it to 1 cup of boiling water. Add some sugar and drink it.
  • Take 1 apple and eat it along with milk and honey. It helps to uplift your mood.
  • Prepare a tea made of Indian basil or tulsi and sage. Take 1/4 teaspoon tulsi and 1/2 teaspoon sage and add it to 1 cup of hot water. Drink this twice a day.
  • Blanch 5-7 rosemary leaves in 1 cup of boiling water. Add honey and wait for 3 min. Drink this water.
  • Take some avocado leaves and warm them up. Keep it on forehead.
  • Prepare mint tea and drink it. You will feel relaxed and better.
  • Take 1 teaspoon lavender leaves and add it to 1 cup of boiling water. Allow it to cool and drink this 3 times a day.
  • Take 10-12 basil leaves and mix it with yogurt. You can add some sugar if required and eat it.
  • Prepare chamomile tea and drink it to treat anxiety.
  • Drink 1 glass of lemon juice daily.
  • Take 5-6 almonds and soak it in water overnight. Next morning, peel off the skin and grind it well to form a fine paste. Add this paste to 1 glass of warm milk and mix it well. You can add some sugar if required and drink it daily.
  • Every night before going to bed take triphala churna with 1 glass of water.
  • Take 1-2 gm dry asparagus root powder daily.
  • Take 1 cup rice milk or soy milk, add 3 teaspoon oatmeal, almond, and dried fruits to it. Eat this daily.

Be fresh, always happy and active. This will surely keep you away from Depression. Eat balanced and nutrient rich food, do some regular exercise, stop worrying or taking tension over each and every thing, relax your mind by taking good amount of rest. In any situation of life, try to be positive and learn to move ahead leaving your past behind. Try to engage yourself with one or other work, talk to people, be around people. Whenever you feel like you are getting into Depression, try to follow the simple steps and home remedies listed above.

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