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Simple natural ways to prevent Cancer

cancer ribbonCancer! Yes, the word is horrendous, and the name of the disease just sends a shrug down our spine. Though the disease sounds enormous and complicated, prevention techniques are very simple. As simple as changing your food habits – changing from oil free,  insatiable fast food to something healthy like green vegetables, juice(simple; not easy!) or from exercising or taking the right amount of sleep. So guess this makes us a bit relaxed- preventing cancer is simple!

So the first step in preventing cancer is to be aware of the cancer patients in your family. It is important to refer to your ancestors and great ancestors as most of the medical research points out the fact that genetic inherence of cancer is of the maximum probability.  So check up your family history. Now this does not mean that you will have cancer but yes to get yourself checked up once as a measure of prevention is what is advised. Some inherited genes have the capability of changing to cancer genes over a period and it is also wise to be aware of such genes so that they can be modified at the right time.

Okay, so what if your family history is clean? This does not prevent you from falling into the tentacles of this disease. It is always better to have a healthy diet full of fibers, green vegetables, juice, and fruits. Foods having fats, cholesterol and higher content of sucrose should be avoided as far as possible. And yes one should have plenty of water to detoxicate the impurities in the body. Simple as it may sound drinking about three liters of water daily can be an antidote to most of the diseases.

Apart from adopting a healthy and balanced diet, another preventive method is to exercise regularly. Exercise helps to pump and circulate the flow of blood to give the muscles life. A mere thirty-minute exercise can help you stay fit, healthy and prevent diseases. Now exercise doesn’t mean going to sophisticated gyms – a simple walk in the morning, taking staircase instead of lift and elevators can mean a lot. Other forms of exercise can be watering plants, taking your pet for a walk, or having a bicycle ride.

These simple tips can go a long way to help you stay healthy and also aid you to prevent this dreadful disease.

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