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RingWorm-Ayurvedic Treatment

Ringworm is a contagious skin disease, which is caused by fungal infection. This infection is known as Dadru in Ayurveda. As per Ayurveda, almost all kind of skin diseases are the result of impure blood. To treat skin disease it is always advisable to go for blood purification treatment too.


The patient will find scaly circular patches on the skin with severe itching. Sometimes it becomes slightly red, and itching continues.


As this is a contagious disease, first of all, keep some isolation between patient and others. Don’t use the clothes used by the patient. Wash the clothes properly every day. Let the patient wear clean and dry clothes always. Bathing with warm water mixed with neem leaves is extremely helpful in getting rid of many kinds of skin diseases.  Try to keep the patient away from humidity as humidity helps in worsening skin conditions.Ring-Worm

Applying a paste of neem leaves over the affected area helps in quicker recovery.

An ointment prepared from Cassia,Angustifolia and lemon juice are applied on the affected parts to get an immediate result.

A mixture of lemon grass, coconut oil or til oil can be applied on the affected part. It is also a well tested externally applied medicine to get rid of ringworm.

Take a piece of turmeric and gently rub it on a stone slab drenched with water. Apply the paste on the affected parts. When it dries out, apply another layer of turmeric paste over it. In a couple of days, ringworm will start disappearing. Continue for a week even after you feel it is cured.

There are many ayurvedic medicines available in the market like Dadryhara Lepa, Dadry Damana Malahara, Dadrughnavati etc can be applied in affected parts to get rid of ringworm.

As per Ayurveda blood purification helps a lot to get rid of this disease. Internal medications  like Manjistadi decoction, Arogya Vardhini tablets and allerin tablets helps in purifying blood there by rooting out ringworm.

Power made from Parijataka(Myctinthis Arboristritis)  can be used if the patient has ringworm on the scalp.  Somalaji Taila is also known to be helpful in ringworm on the scalp. Often Saribadyarista is prescribed to take two teaspoonfuls with an equal quantity of water.


Give sufficient fruit juices. All kind of sour foods like curd and pickle etc. are strictly prohibited. All types pungent foods are strictly prohibited. Easy edible and well-cooked food can be taken through out the treatment.

Note: Remember, there are fair chances that the disease will come back as we stated earlier that it is contagious and affects patients with contaminated blood. Continue medication for one more week even it seems to be cured.

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My son has ringworm on his arm which Ive been trying to get rid of for weeks. The doctor has prescribed a couple different ointments & they’ve failed to show positive results so I’m going to give this home remedy a try.
What form of (Cassia,Augustifolia) should I mix with lemon juice?


Hi Tracy,

We are sorry for the spelling mistake. It should be Angustifolia and not Augustifolia. You can use leaves when ever nothing is mentioned.

We have also updated our post for your reference.
I will suggest you to visit a near by Ayurvedic Doctor for a patient examination to root out future complication of any skin diseases and to start a blood purification treatment.

Ayurvedic treatment should be extremely cheap in most of the cases and it is natural and efficient. So its worth to give a try.


Dear Susant,
how is cassia, angustifolia and lemon juice are being given? Orally or externally applied on the infected area?
Best wishes, and with gratitude for this sharing here

Sir I want to ask, here is written cassia ; Is it a cassia fistula ( amla thass) or it is any things . ;-:-)
Sir , can u give me an our alternate mobile number

Thank you so much.
We are giving Cassia,Angustifolia and lemon juice treatment a try and its working great.
On 2nd day of treatment positive results are being had its clearing up.

All in all we’ve spent roughly 500.00 on doctors visits and creams that did nothing….many others are in same boat by the looks of online postings.
Its a shame most doctors don’t give such treatment info, they seem to care more about $ pushing prescription creams – lamisil etc then healing patients.

Thanks again for your help God Bless

Hi Tracy,
Thank you for your feed back. This will definitely encourage us to boost our effort.

It was really nice to hear that it is working. But I will still insist you to visit a qualified Ayurvedic Doctor if possible to start blood purification course. As this will eradicate all possibilities of getting back skin diseases but never get fooled by high flying advertisements of natural treatment at a cost of gold. All most all kind of natural treatments should be cheap or free of cost(As we are seeing many sites are there only to make money by selling products which never should cost 1-2 dollars at a high price tag, i just wanted to warn you).

Please follow diet suggestions and suggested living style for your son during treatment to help immune system of the body to fight against skin disease.

Remember Ayurvedic and alternative medicines are not for quick recovery in most of the cases rather these are system of medicines which help body immune system to fight against ailments in a natural and healthy way.

We wish your son for the quickest recovery from ringworm.


Hi susant sir,
Am suffering from ringworm from past 7 months..I went through hospitals ointments tablets etc…but nothing worked out can u please suggest me for best medication. It has became very high now am in a critical stage

I used to be recommended this blog by my cousin. I’m no longer sure whether or not this publish is written through him as no one else recognise such distinct approximately my trouble. You’re wonderful! Thanks!

I have a ringworm near my private part, it was darken when i putted some Salicylic Acid on it. How could i turn back or whiten my natural color of my skin?


Thank you for writing to us. But we are sorry to inform you that we will not be able to prescribe any medication to a patient without physical check as a real Ayurvedic treatment need to know body type, pulse and several other factors to prescribe the best medication to maximize effectiveness and minimize any side effects. We will suggest you to visit a near by Ayurvedic Doctor and get yourself checked and get prescribed medicines from him. It will be little costlier but benefit is multifold as compared to online prescription.


hi sushant,
i have patches on my middle chest and groins ,,,wat else i can use with neem turmeric paste ????

I have ringworm in both thighs over 71/2 of years.
I take English medicines for 5 years. Now the affected area is blackish in color but no itching. But hairs in the affected area have not grown.
I also have itching and hair falling in scalp.
Please give your advice….

i am suffering from hair ringworm…..what should i do to get rid of it….please give some suggesstion…

i have ringworm from last two months. i have apply many drug but i have not relief 100%, please suggest any herbal treatment.


for the last year almost I’ve been having something that looks like the ring worm on my upper thigh. my bottoks, and lately it started becoming very near to my rectum and genitiles.. been trying different treatmrnts and lately some very strong english medicine that still doesn’t solve the problem.. I’m getting woried..
my patches do have hair groing on tham but all the rest of the simptoms seems just like the ring worm.

I wanted to ask:
how shold I use the cassia? is it the raw herb or dried as powder to make the paist? thank you

i am affected by ringworm and itching in thies sex side , i took medicine but after 5 or6 days when power gon it would again strong sir me and also with my wife affected please sir tell me treatment sir

Hi Sir,

I am suffering from Ringworm from 2 months.I have also visited 2 doctors but even after spending 1000 rupees i am not well and itching continues.So please suggest necessary measures tp get rid of these disease.

i have a ring worm in my legs right and left both and some part of my tummy, i casult with the alopathik doc. he tret me since nine month. but patches resist again and agin . i am so warrid abut this so please help me.

Hi from last 1 yr my whole family I suffering from this ringwarm cen u give a best medicine for this now we r very tied of all the doc becoz we spend many money bt there is no result plz plz plz mail me the medicine names

I am suffering from ringworm from last six months.I am fed up with the English medicines which only gave me the temporary results. I wish to try the AYURVEDIC TREATMENT stated above .Please guide me how to prepare the oinment ”cassia ,angustifolia and lemon juice” and how long should I continue the treatment.I would be very much thankful if you mail me.

I only want to know the treatment cost of fungal ringworm infection in Ayurveda & how long should the treatment continue?

hi this is anil am suffering from ring worm from past one year i have spent lot of money for english medicine but yet cured i fed up with this ring worm pls tell me ayurveda medicine to completly cum out from this ring worm pls rply me in mail

Hiii dear sir/mam im suffering from ringworm from last 1 year ive tried many medicine bt they didn’t work pls tell me the right treatment

Hi this is diki am suffering from ring worm from 8month I used so many medicine so nothing happen please tell me Ayurvedic medicine please reply me in my mail please

Muje dhadar hai or mane uskelia minimun 10 ya 15 000 kharcha kiya hai par koi fayda nahi hai to aap tratment dijiye plz

I have ringworm on my neck both sides from few years . Sometimes it fades away and again appears .specially in summer and winter it troubles lot . Plz suggest me,


sir I am suffering ringwarm since 2 years I have tried many of the medicine. but result is nothing so please advise me and give suggestion……please

sir i have ringworm on thigh and spread all body last 2 year…
i meet many doctors but no improvement they re occur..
last one month i use ayurverdic medicine nimadi churna ,arogyavardhini gutika,suddh gandhak..
but dont satisfy

hi sir i have rigworm for almost 4 onths can u suggest me some ayurvedic medicines

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi sir i have rigworm for almost 4 months can u suggest me some ayurvedic medicines

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have ringworm for 4 months i had done alopathy n homeopathy treatment but not finished this please help me sir

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