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Nature cure systems basically target the readjustment of the human body system from various abnormal functions and conditions to normal functions and conditions. Nature cure or naturopathy adopts only those methods of cure that conform to the constructive natural principles. These methods remove the accumulation of toxic materials, waste materials and other poisonous items without injuring all the vital organs of the human body in any manner. These methods also stimulate the organs in the process of purification and elimination of toxic and other waste matter for their best and efficient functioning.

The foremost and first requirement to cleanse the body of toxic and other waste materials is to regulate and control the diet system that a person consumes. This diet system not only stimulates the organs of purification and elimination, but also prevents such accumulation in the future, thus preventing several diseases even before they occur. It is advisable to avoid comprehensively all food items that form toxic acids, especially certain types of proteins, fats and starches for a week to a fortnight in case of any sickness to eliminate the accumulated toxins and also confine the diet system to fresh fruits and vegetables that have the capacity to disinfect the alimentary canal and the entire stomach.naturopathy methods

If a patient is suffering from an overload of morbid matter, as is the case with more acute diseases, complete fasting for a few days will be necessary to eliminate the toxins. However, to sustain body energy, the patient should consume as much fresh fruit juice as possible. If you are feeling sick, the basic rule is not to eat your regular diet, but adapt to a light diet of fruit juices, fresh fruits and easily digestible raw vegetables. You will have to wait until your usual healthy appetite returns and the body become normal. The fundamental principle of nature cure is that loss of appetite is a warning from nature that you should not place any further burden on your digestive organs. You can resume mildly alkaline food items like fresh raw vegetables as well as sprouted cereals or sprouted whole grains after continuing with a fresh fruit diet at least for a week until you have recovered from the illness.

Another major factor in nature cure for diseases through natural methods is to stimulate the body vitality. Water is a highly powerful stimulant and it can be used in several ways in the form of baths or packs at varying temperatures. The body heat can be easily lowered by applying cold water, especially to the lower belly or abdomen, which is the seat of most of our diseases. It is also advisable to apply cold water to the sexual organs to cool them. This can be achieved by sitting in a tub filled with cold water up to the hip. This bath lowers the body heat immediately and also stimulates the sensitive nervous systems in the lower body, which slowly extends to the other nervous systems in the body, cooling them also slowly. Hydrotherapy, as wet packs is another simple and natural method of reducing inflammation and pain and also serves as an easy method for abating fevers, with absolutely no side effects. It is also very important that you should always drink only assured pure water and avoid contaminated water completely.

Other natural methods that are primarily used in curing diseases are sunbathes, air, massage and exercise. Sunbathes and pure, unpolluted air have the capacity to revive the dead skin and to maintain the skin in its normal, healthy condition. Massages tone up not only the muscles and tendons as most people believe, but even the nervous system. Massages also energize and quicken the bodily metabolic system and blood circulation. Exercises promote overall inner health, strengthen muscles and eliminate tensions in the body. Especially, yogic exercises not only achieve all these but also bring about physical and mental harmony.

From the above, it should be obvious that a well-balanced, properly planned diet, pure drinking water, adequate physical exercise and the observation of other laws of nature, such as plenty of sunlight, fresh air, adequate rest, scrupulous cleanliness, custom-designed lifestyle and right mental attitude are capable of ensuring proper health and even prevent most diseases even before they occur. Nature cure can also cure most diseases without any medications are other modern methods of medicine. If you have any further questions on the above matters, please feel free to contact us and we will definitely respond to you immediately. We shall discuss individual methods of nature cure methods in our forthcoming series.

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