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Nature Cure or Naturopathy – An Introduction to Principles and Practices – Part II

Consequent to our previous article, Nature Cure or Naturopathy – An Introduction to Principles and Practices – Part I, we are presenting the major principles and practices in not only diagnosing and treating all types of diseases, ailments and bodily disorders but also in avoiding all of them even before they occur. It is true that we may be born with certain afflictions due to genetic or other health related reasons. It is easily possible either to eliminate even these prenatal, postnatal or inherited afflictions completely or minimize their effect to such an extent that they do not pose any health problem.

Two basic principles usually guide nature cure or naturopathy, though there are several other principles that are the foundations of nature cure. The first principle is that any affliction, disease, disorder or ailment in the human body is only an abnormal condition that has resulted from the violation of the laws of nature. Each violation of the laws of nature has serious repercussions on the human body system, usually leading to lowered vitality, accumulation of toxic and waste matters and irregularities in blood, lymph and other crucial body functions. For example, when we consume faulty, unnatural or unhealthy diets, the first system that gets affected adversely is the digestive system, which should be obvious even to lay persons.

What many of us do not realize is that such food items lead to accumulation of several toxic as well as waste materials in our body. When this occurs, not only the digestive system, but other crucial organs of the body, such as liver, spleen, kidneys, bowels, skin, lungs and even the heart are forced to overwork to remove these toxins and waste materials or at least neutralize their ill effect on the entire body system. Since it is not possible to get rid of these dangerous materials as fast as they accumulate in our bodies, various types of diseases and afflictions are the natural result.naturopathy2

Another cause for diseases is the mental and/or emotional disturbances that all of us undergo regularly in our lives. All these disturbances lead to serious imbalances in the vital electric fields that control the cell metabolisms in our body. These electrical field imbalances produce toxins in the cell metabolisms. In normal conditions, the electric fields remain undisturbed and germs, bacteria and viruses that live in our cells continue to remain inactive without getting multiplied or producing toxins. When the electric fields get disturbed or when the blood circulating in our bodies gets polluted with toxic wastes, these germs, bacteria and viruses become active, start to multiply and become very harmful to our bodies. This is a second major cause of diseases and other physical afflictions.

Even though the food that we eat and our mental and emotional states are the major reasons for many of the afflictions from which we suffer, the technological advancements and mass industrialization have also been a major reason for several physical disorders and diseases. The high pollution levels due to serious degradation of the environment, the greenhouse gases and other toxic materials in the air that we breathe, the chemically contaminated water that we drink, the additional physical and mental stresses and strains that we encounter in our daily life due to changed modern lifestyles and the lazy and languid way in which we spend our days without any physical exercises or other activities that stimulate the body system are all major contributors to different types of afflictions and diseases.

The second most important, but abominably ignored principle is that the human body is not only a highly complex system, but is also a very powerful system that still remains a mystery even to the most intelligent scientists of the past several centuries until today. Our bodies have the capacity and vitality to cure themselves in a natural manner in most cases of diseases and disorders without the use of any drugs or other medications. This second principle and other principles that guide nature cure or naturopathy will be discussed in our next articles in this series, Nature Cure or Naturopathy – An Introduction to Principles and Practices – Part III and Nature Cure or Naturopathy – An Introduction to Principles and Practices – Part IV.

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