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Hysteria-Ayurvedic Treatment

Hysteria is a common form of the emotional reaction in which a patient tends to act out of his/her mental control in a dramatic way. Brain behaves in such a way to attract others to gain sympathy.Many times Hysteria starts with events like meeting an accident, separation from beloved one and so on. In these cases, the patient feels much worse than that what it is and start behaving in a dramatic way.

In Ayurveda, this is known as Unmada. Studies say women outnumber than men in this disease. This disease doesnot even spare children.

The symptoms of hysteria are connected with neurotic or emotional factors. However, physically the patient may suffer from hyper-acidity or heart burn, indigestion, or even an ulcer. They may affect the intestines resulting either in acute form of constipation, or severe diarrhea, depending upon the responses to emotionally charged situation. It may take the form of colitis with the severe ulceration of the intestinal valve. No organ of the body is immune to the psycho-somatic symptoms or diseases and they may manifest themselves in the form of an allergy, skin eruption or other types of organic and physical illness.
Sarpagandha, brahmi, vacha and Shankhapushpi are the drugs of choice for the treatment of this disease. They correct both the body and the mind of the individual. All these drugs are made into a powder and mixed in equal quantities. The patient should take it in a dose of one gram, three times a day, mixed with a cup of milk. These patients usually suffer from sleeplessness or disturbed sleep which is corrected by these medicines. Use of ashvagandha gives considerable relief to these patients. A preparation of this drug is known as Ashvagandharishta. Six teaspoonfuls of this liquid medicine is given to the patients after food, twice daily, mixed with equal quantity of water.

The above mentioned therapy is to be given to all types of hysterical patients. The other symptoms from which these patients suffer automatically subside, when there is improvement in their neurotic and emotional conditions. Drugs containing cannabis are often used for the treatment of hysteria. For those suffering from chronic colitis, jatiphaladi churna is considered to be very useful. One teaspoonful of this powder is to be given to the patient, three times a day, mixed with a cup of buttermilk. This promotes the tranquility of his mind and relieves him of his Colitis.


Hot and spicy food should be avoided. Fried things and pulses are not good for patients. Almond and almond oil are good for these patients. A patient should be given almond oil in a dose of one teaspoonful, mixed with a cup of milk at bedtime. It strengthens the nervous system. Mangoes, oranges, apples, peaches and bananas are useful in this condition.
The cause for the emotional upset of the patient should be located, and efforts should be made to make him free from it. The patient should be loved and taken care. He should not be teased, and as far as possible, there should be no mention of the disease before the patient. He should be permitted to have full night’s sleep. Walk in the early morning considerably helps the patient to develop his will power which is essential to overcome this disease.

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pl help us. sir. my brother is a hysteria patient. his details will be send to you which mail id. pls send us your mail id.

Hi Vikas,

We always suggest all our readers to visit a doctor to get physical check done. As you know ayurvedic treatment is done based on “Dosa” treatment of body and this can be done with physical check only(unlike homeopathy where doctors need a set of questionnaires). hysteria can be fully and quickly cured if you treat them from a good ayurvedic doctor. Please visit a well known ayurvedic practitioner in and around your home town.

We wish your brother a quick recovery.


Sir plzz koi v medicine ho,kuch v ho,jaha se ho Mai karunga,
Bs aap please iski koi aisi medicine btaiye jisse ye completely thik ho🙏🙏

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