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Home Remedies of Common Fever

What is common fever?

The normal temperature of a person lies in the range of 36.9 to 37.5 degree Celsius. However, if the person’s body temperature exceeds this range then the person is said to suffer from common fever. There occur little variations in our body temperature due to the intake of food, the surrounding temperature and the level of physical activity or exercise but it becomes really a matter of concern when our body temperature exceeds even these levels. As this fever occurs frequently in human beings it is known as common fever.

Causes of common fever.

The real cause of common fever and all other types of fever is the collection of the morbid mater in the body system due to wrong consumption habits as well as unhygienic living conditions. It is mainly caused when the body naturally tries to cleanse all the toxic materials for better functioning. Though common fever is not fatal, it is better to cure it as soon as possible. Several home remedies are available that help in treating common fever. Some of them are mentioned below.

Home remedies of common fever:

  1. Decoction of basil leaves is one of the most proven and the most effective home remedies that help to treat common fever. Just take 12 grams of basil leaves and boil them in water. Consume this water once a day and see your fever will vanish in a short period.
  2. The other effective home remedy that goes into curing common fever is Raisins. Just saturate25 raisins in half cup of water and soak them in the same and then strain the mixture and take it with lime juice twice a day.
  3. Eating loads of oranges also helps to get rid of fever as it provides energy to the body and enhances the resistance of the body against the antibodies.
  4. The other home remedy used to cure fever is drinking one table spoon of honey with ginger juice and lime juice.
  5. Saffron also plays a major role in treating common fever. Prepare tea out of 30ml and  table spoon of saffron and drink it each hour for one day.
  6. Juice made from tamarind leaves with turmeric powder mixed in cold water eliminates fever as well as other infections.

So the next time you are down with fever, try these home remedies and see how your fever vanishes in few days.

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