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Home remedies for Skin Allergies

What is skin allergy?

An allergy is the sensitiveness of the skin against a substance which doesn’t affect other people. The skin problems caused due to the overuse of cosmetic products are called as skin allergies. The skin reacts with a substance called allergen become itchy and turns red.

Causes of skin allergies:

Food allergens, pollens, dust and smoke, detergents and soap products, various drugs and change in temperature are some of the common factors that cause skin allergies. If you are also suffering from skin allergies, then there is no need to worry as you can easily treat with the various home remedies.

Home remedies for skin allergies:

  1. Apply mashed leaves of almond to the allergic area.
  2. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and quit smoking. Furthermore, don’t make use of cosmetic products.
  3. Applying a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice also cures skin allergies.
  4. A syrup made up of sieved garden mint and water when taken two times a day also helps you to get rid of the various skin allergies in a quite efficient manner.
  5. Increase the amount of Vitamin C in your daily diet as Vitamin C efficiently fights allergies and is also considered to be the best home remedies for treating skin allergies.
  6. Make a paste of lime juice and sandalwood and apply it on the affected area. This is one of the best home remedies for skin allergies as it helps reducing itching of the skin as well as cures skin allergies.
  7. Apply mashed seeds of papaya to reduce itching caused due to the skin allergy.
  8. Make a concoction of 1tbs of poppy seeds, one teaspoon of lime juice and one teaspoon of water and apply the mixture to the affected area. This is an excellent home remedy against skin allergies as it provides instant relief.

So the next time you get skin allergies, doesn’t keep scratching as there is a danger of it spreading to other parts of the body. Just use these home remedies and get rid of skin allergies without buying the expensive creams that give false promises of treating skin allergies. Apart from using these home remedies also see to it that you don’t drink too much of alcohol and also quit the habit of smoking as all these habits intensify the effects of skin allergies.

10 replies on “Home remedies for Skin Allergies”

I did hair die and got allergy reaction .seen a spot on body and mustache and swell above lip and below eyes.liquid was coming out above lip.

My suggestion first of all to consult valid and take ayurvedic treatment and suggested diet.because ayurvedic herbs and ayurvedic medicine are benefited

i am getting regularly Folliculitis on head and sometime on face/neck. Taken anti-biotic, it goes but comes back. kindly assist and guide me.

sir I have been suffering from skin allergies . I have taken medicines regularly. If I have not taken medicines faceing ieaching problem. some one said this problem has never good. pls tell me …….Dis is true

My Sister is suffering from Skin Allergy she consult with so many doctors but still not cured Please suggest me…
her medicine prescribed by doctor :
T. Omnacortil

I’m suffering from skin allergy , red rings are occurring on my skin at many body patts. I was affected by my friend who is suffering from it for a long time and I came in contact with on a tour and I also suffering now . Please guide me

Itching on back area, behind calves, b
Uehind legs….Constant itching…..Used 1% hydrocortisone without success

I have used a make up product
Nd now l’v allergic reaction on my face
Whenever i use any cosmetics i alwys face this problem
Wht should i do???

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